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  1. Thank you for your reply. Its like my own previous success contributes to my problems. At the end of the day I could be 2nd in the league go to CL quarter final and drop out of the cup in semis and still fail all three competitions.
  2. I have a questiom about your previous experiences regarding job security as club legend or icon. I'm managing Celta Vigo now, my 7th season and in my previous three seasons I managed to win the league three times and Champions League once 2 seasons ago. I am now club icon but the expectations are very high (minimum win the league go to cup final and CL semifinal). The club is after takeover in very good financial situation but still Im not able to spend as much as Barcelona Real or PSG. I feel there will be a season where I dont meet any of my competition expectations (last season I won the league by 1 point because Barcelona dropped points in the last game, didnt meet expectations in cup or CL). Anyway new stadium is coming in 2 seasons and I wanna be a part of that. So my question is, from your experience do the fact that im a club icon could conteibite to my job security in any way?
  3. I have a problem with my online save and would very much want someone to help me. Me and my friend play online in Swiss league. We use saturday and wednesday matches only. My u21 team has no fixtures but no big deal I arrange friendlies every week. Unfortunately only saturday and wednesday options are available and it turns out every time forst and second team plays on wednesday all my players, even those made available for u21 are not in squad for u21 matches. This makes managing the team much more difficult. Any idea how to solve that?
  4. From my experience tighter marking works really well with offside trap.
  5. As @summatsupeer said Moreaux as wide target man would be interesting but I ve never tried any formation like that What I d definitely to is to stop playing him as a striker, his finishung is terrible and this way you waste his best skill, crossing. I d stick him on the left wing as winger on attack or support and add an appropriate striker. I d combine them in this way that if Moreaux is on attack many of his crosses would be from the byline so someone like pressing forward support. If you have Moreaux on support I d have to have someone who sits in line with the defensive line so either poacher or advanced fowrward. Additionally Moreaux is fast but his dribbling is terrible so it speaks knocks ball past opponent ppm to me. Teach him that. Last but not least Akpala behind him is rather better at defending than attacking so I d just stick him on fbs and use him to recycle possessions and I d definitely get rid of overlap left. With that combination of players I see no benefit of Moreaux being less aggressive and waiting fo Akpala to overlap.
  6. First of all your tactic is very extreme and very intense. I d start with the defence, in my opinion it makes no sense to do everything meaning press more urgently and mark tighter. If you want to be successful with tighter marking your central defenders should both be excellent at marking, meaning 13 or 14 is not good enough for top EPL team. But if you decide to go this way than you should probably drop more urgent pressing and drop the defensive line and line of engagement to higher or even to standard. But probably the best way for you to operate is to switch off tigher marking and drop the line to higher, you can keep extremely urgent pressing and counter press but that is something that needs to impact the players you sign and sell. Meaning if you want to play this very intense style of play everybody with poor work rate needs to go and everybody who comes in needs to have at least good work rate, stamina and preferably also good teamwork and (defenders and midfielders) good tackling. Other changes involve roles and duties. First of all I d play with only one BPD, whichever is better on the ball and also you should differentiate roles of attacking 3, meaning at least one of them should be supporting.
  7. I didnt check that but it might be because you play on comprehensive and that tends to show you situations where cornes are won. I definitely seen some crosses deflected to the touchline.
  8. Thank you for your help. At the beginning of next season he was mostly playing off the bench but slowly his performance picked up. I guess he was just jaded from the World Cup and I should have reacted faster but I rotate quite a bit so I thought it d be fine.
  9. Dear FM community. Recently i ve experienced my most sudden drop of performance of a player in all my years of playing FM. My striker, Moise Kean went to world cup in 2022 being my top player and after he came back the second half pf the season was a disaster. He scored only 1 goal and had 2 assists and total rsting of 6,45 or something like that (he was still just below 7 for the whole season which speaks how huge the trop was). I manage Celta Vigo for the 3rd season and ended up on 4th place. I didnt change my tactic neither did I notice other teams playing much more defensively against me. Kean is only 22 he didnt have any injury or my physios didnt say he was jaded. I rotate quite a lot so I assume he wasnt very tired overall. His stats dropped a little only at the end of the season. I have never seen such prolonged drop of performance from a player and my question to you is is it something you experience more often than before in fm 19? Looking back I should have benched him earlier but I tend to stkck to undeprefrorming players for quite some time cause usuallh they regain form. Oh and also Kean is descrived as consistent performer in the scouting report and from mh own exoerience those players usually outperform their visible attributes. At least after all my critique of him his determination grew by 2.
  10. Thank you so much for taking time to reply. I'll definitely give this setup a try.
  11. @Rashidi could I ask you about your opinion why AP/MEZ (A) combination works so well?
  12. I have an idea of introducing manager s agent for two purposes: - as far as I know chairmen right now have attributes like patience etc that stay hidden for legal reasons. Maybe it would be possible to deliver vague information about them through agent in similar way that scout report on players can describe attributes like consistency. - agent could also work as a way of communication with other clubs that could possibly be interested in hiring the manager. It could work in the way of for example information from agent close to the end of the season in the form of Tottenham is underperforming and considers firing their manager and wants to gauge your interest in that position if it happens. It could factor in clubs willingness to fire their manager. Additionally agent would deliver his report on how attractive this job is including for example his assessment of chairman s patience.
  13. As the guys above said your tactic is designed this was and if you perform well then you dont have to change it. But if you re willing to experiment and making Kane score more is your priority Id do two things: Remove focus play on the left Change dlfs role to either pressing forward support or complete forward support. Im really not a fan of having a lone striker on attack mentality therefore those two choices I proposed. By changing the role to pressing forward you eliminate hard coded moves knto channels of dlfs which means that kane most of the time will be sittong in the middle of the box ready to finish any passes from rdta or playmaker. I actually used similar tactic in fm18 (with defensive forward on support) and my striker scored sth like 30 goals in Bundesliga. Unfortunately there s a risk that the quality of your buildup might suffer from that change. The other option is to change dlfs to cfs and ask him to do even more. Best of luck with experimenting!!!
  14. The changes I d propose to try would be to switch off both overlaps. That instruction makes your winger and inside forward hold up play. With your fullbacks on attack overlaps will happen naturally. Also I d reconsider chaging CWBs on attack to WB attack or even one attack and one support. CWBs roan from position which may not suit the purpose of stretching play especially on the right side where inside forward leaves space open. Moreover I d probably reconsider Eriksen s winger role and change it to raumdeuter. Eriksen is good at dribbling and crosses but he s even better in small spaces and has great mentals so that change could maximize his effectiveness. It d also make him play narrower leaving more space for wingback. I d also probably change Kane s role to something support like DLF support, he could link play better this way and if you keep your wingers on attack most of crosses would come from byline anyway so you dont necessary need someone in line with opposition s defence (like advanced forward). Last but not least I d consider changing mezzalla to box to box midfielder. Good luck!
  15. @Experienced Defender gave some very good points (as always). I only add to that two more: You have not only tighter marking in defense but also higher d line with urgent pressing but no offside trap. I d simplify that. You could decide to keep tighter marking but I d always use it with offside trap (your defenders will be closer to other teams attackers so it ll be less stoleps forward for them to leave them on offside position). In that instance I d drop urgent pressing and maybe also keep your d line on normal. More standard approach would be to keep urgent pressing and higher d line but get rid of tighter marking. Also I believe your tactic doesnt need wider shape in defense. Second thing is that I d definitely switch off float crosses and leave it at mixed or whipped. Both your strikers have average (Cutrone) or poor (Piatek) jumping reach but they both have very good off the ball (Piarek has excellent mobility in general). I d use float crosses only if your lone strikes is a guy whose best traits are jumping reach and strength.
  16. Slightly off topic but looking at your tactic I d asvise you to try changing anchor man to like anything else, for example just defensive midfielder on defend. I really think that anchor man is the worst role in FM because its basically askong your player to do less of anything. Dribble less shoot less take fewer risks hold position and decrease pressing intensity, its basically a space eater. If you have a player that is good at winning the ball back why not play him mlre aggressively, you still have 3 defenders behind him. Also, you use two over/ under laps so I wanted to ask you in such tactic without fullbacks or wingbacks who are the players making those runs?
  17. Hello. I wanted to share my experiences from using 'tighter marking' as a general philosophy for the first time. I manage Celta, in my first season there (thire overall, 2020/ 21) I managed to finish fourth which was way better than I expected. I use 4-1-3-2 narrow formation with two central defebders on defend, wingback on attack or support on one side and halfback om support on the other. Then I have halfback and trio of carillero, bbm and mezzalla attack in the midfield and pressing forward support and complete forward attack up front. With such narrow formation I always make sure my defendrrs have good jumpong reach but this time both of my starters were also way better at markibg than tackling. So I decided to set my defense up with tighter marking and offside trap and also wider shape (pressing intensity not changed). I play on positive or balanced mentality and I usually use counter in transition (it wpuld be a waste not to with formation with two strikers) but also I play shorter passing so its not really the style of aggresive pressing and direct football. I usually control the game. What I ve noticed at the beginning is that it was absolutely necessary for me to use counter press with this style. At the beginning i used restrict and what ended up happening was me losing a lot of goals after through balls. I was aroind 12th place and playing not well after like 8 games and that tactical change turned the season around. Now Im planning to make it a priority to keep employing players that are good at marking tk make this style even more effective. So to conclude if you have good personnel for it (high marking stats) I encourage you to try. It can work. I also recommend using offside trap (quite obvious, with tighter marking defenders are closer so its easier for then to catch someone offside) and counter press. Best of luck.
  18. I have just noticed something that I have not seen before. I scouted a player and he has 3.5 gold stars and 1.5 black stars of potential. 100 percent scouting knowledge. I have never seen that in FM18 so maybe its new for FM19 or maybe thats because the scout was not that good. I ll investigate and share my observations later.
  19. I assume this screen is from scouting report because of half black star in ability so as @bar333 said black stars are uncertainty. But if you have 1,5 or 2 black stars it very likely mean that your scouting knowledge of certain player is not 100%. I d keep scouting the player till 100% and then the player should have no more than one black star (so for example the second player could end up with 3 yellow and 1 black star, 3,5 yellow and 1 black or 4 yellow and 1 black)
  20. As far as I know false 9 does not work like a ball magnet but target man does. So all playmakers plus regista, trequarista, eganche and target man.
  21. Is your left back better on the ball? Maybe change your rb to no-nonsense fb and the left one to fullback support?
  22. There is a great tool made by @fmFutbolManager that shows how players' mentality changes based on their duty and overall team mentality. If u google fm mentality calculator its easy to find. I found it very useful and I hope its not a problem I revommend it.
  23. But if you click on important attributes for coaches it highlights DDM too but for physio only physiotheraphy...
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