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  1. no dont use them ..because they will undermine the tactic
  2. ok im trying out the fb s with 2 clicks up on both closeing down and menetailty to the same settings as the CM s it works better i feel because the other players have more room to play wile they try to close your FBs down .. so its 4 clicks up on wot i told you before or 2 clicks on the first tatcic i posted
  3. bring the FB s back by 2 clicks in mentanilty and closeing down to get it tighter
  4. make a change subs ... look to see whos having a bad game .the tactic it self will work more often than not ... when it dont it means someone or more are having a bad game . keep an eye on who
  5. Out Now is from Mr Hough 433 Classic Tactic what is diffrant from mr hough tactic : Team Instruction : Mentality, Tempo, Defensive line, Marking Player Instruction to FB,CB,DM.LF,RF, have all been changed from the mr hough tactic small change to CM no change to CF Stronger Tighter Enjoy>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=80871&d=1277645578
  6. I think poacher for 1 of the forwards with a default setting is the way to go .. its working good so far for my QPR side
  7. great tactic .. iv just emailed it to Fabio Capello he phoned me back we had a long chat and here is wot he sed mmmmmmm good mmmmmmmm ok mmmmmmmmm possible mmmmmmm thank you ..bye
  8. new post opened ..under 14 Cups Won In 4 seasons Tactic
  9. ok hi everyone ...iv made this tactic into a true wonder tactic ..iv made loads off changes to the tactic will be posted it soon ..
  10. Just wanna add. Good work . i feel this tactic is not far off from being a new dilbo tactic .. one thing u might wanna look at is the GK kicking the ball long . your front men get a lot off one on ones this way .. but im not sure if that will stop your build up play
  11. try adding Slow and Direct seems to be working wonders at the moment
  12. but leaving many clubs into the red and you could even get the sack aswell its better if the transfers are at the start of the game so you know where you are i mean if im looking for a rw to sign but and im signing 1 in jan . then what , loan? waite? buy anyway? for me thats too up in the air .. i think ill waite for the patch
  13. that may work with my team .. but it wont work with other teams . meaning some transfers wont go though
  14. wally the only worrie i have with your update is at the start of the season your team has a transfer spend if the updates dont kick in untill jan then many wont go though because the team wont have the funds left or that the team goes into the red
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