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  1. useless and pointless post you might has well done a good wright up about paint drying . this tactic is out dated and will not work in a million years on fm2010
  2. Newgen Faces

    as it says at the top No requests try going to anouther fourm .. none of us use this fourm any more ..the mods have killed it
  3. FM2011 should be similar to FM07

    stupid horrible post
  4. the new skin is horried ..its plan awfull .. its hard to read n see .. wot be useing this forum untill its changed ..
  5. Help with header

    anyone bump
  6. Best FM?

    yep might off guessed the fan boy is out .. shows he doesnt have a clue about any games at all .. so let me out line it for him to understand . what makes a good game .. well the speed of the game . the flow . and does the game have bugs fm2010 . speed +poor game flow + poor amount of bugs + poor and that is after 3rd patch aswell but the other fm games was better on all of them .. so that is why mr fan boy that fm10 is the worse game
  7. Best FM?

    FM10 Is by far the worse game they made todate . only fm fan boy will vote for it . because they wouldnt know a good game if it hit em in the face . my vote would go fm2006 fm2007 fm2009 fm2008 and a million miles away last fm10
  8. Help with header

    hi i need help with the header . i wanna make it biger/ie wider .like it was in fm09 or 08
  9. Mr Hough 10.3 Tactics

    no dont use them ..because they will undermine the tactic
  10. Mr Hough 10.3 Tactics

    ok im trying out the fb s with 2 clicks up on both closeing down and menetailty to the same settings as the CM s it works better i feel because the other players have more room to play wile they try to close your FBs down .. so its 4 clicks up on wot i told you before or 2 clicks on the first tatcic i posted
  11. Mr Hough 10.3 Tactics

    bring the FB s back by 2 clicks in mentanilty and closeing down to get it tighter
  12. Mr Hough 10.3 Tactics

    make a change subs ... look to see whos having a bad game .the tactic it self will work more often than not ... when it dont it means someone or more are having a bad game . keep an eye on who
  13. Mr Hough 10.3 Tactics

    Out Now is from Mr Hough 433 Classic Tactic what is diffrant from mr hough tactic : Team Instruction : Mentality, Tempo, Defensive line, Marking Player Instruction to FB,CB,DM.LF,RF, have all been changed from the mr hough tactic small change to CM no change to CF Stronger Tighter Enjoy>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=80871&d=1277645578
  14. taken off>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  15. the only worrie i have with the 20 year olds are them turning 21 mid season .. then they cannot play