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  1. I'll be hosting an online league, looking for 4-6 players willing to play 2/3 hours a night, 1 rest day (maybe), and long hours on one day we agree on, Sunday will probably be best. No 5-2-3, 5-2-1-2 or imported tactics. Anybody does and they will be thrown out straight away. I've been playing since CM 97/98 so i know my stuff. Have to be English speaking and i like to spend a bit of time during transfer windows then speed up through game weeks. UK time. steam name: kingkestrel1 or scannerjam22
  2. Yeah i think most people do. I also like to have my CBs able to do cover full back positions even if it's just one of them it doesn't really matter which side. This is basically so that in a 7 sub league i have all bases covered for example a DCL and a RB on the bench and I'm sorted or I'm just taking a punt with one full back on the bench having 4 defensive players on the bench just doesn't work when it's out of 7. With injuries at full back of which i seem to have more than any other position the versatility in my CBs is key. I'm not going off topic here as if i have to play one of my CBs at full back this will almost certainly change the way i defend and attack set-pieces usually for the better with the added height. Any advanatge is a good thing in my eyes.
  3. I guess that makes sense in a 4-4-2 i only play with one ST on the otherhand. I know i should be changing my set-pieces during games especially when I'm chasing a game but just to lazy, when I've had a sending off I'm so frustrated the last thing on my mind is set-pieces ha. I'm the opposite when it comes to having like for like players as my back-up especially so in my lone ST in my 4-2-3-1, I like a target man who can play as a complete forward and a nippy striker who can do the same, this has a large bearing on who i keep forward on corners If my big striker is playing he'll be on my near post centre marking zonally, my small striker will either be on the edge of the area or staying forward depending on how quick he really is. I also like to have a short quick ball playing CB among my four CB's to deal with an epecially fast forward line. With my other 3 CBs all being 6'2 plus with the central defender role ideally, so this is a big deal for me when defending set-pieces, other than that i 95% keep things the same match to match. Having my tallest full back man marking in the box and smaller one on the near or far post i feel is extremely important too. I hate, hate, hate conceding set-pieces my surname should be Pulis.
  4. Absolutely I don't want to brag but I concede very few set piece goals although a lot of this is down to personel, player heights is a massive deal for me. The biggest thing defensively is to make sure my tallest CB is man marking the tallest player in the box, with my smaller CB zonally marking the centre of the 6 yard box and another 6ft plus player zonally marking near centre. The most important aspect for me however is having my quickest attacking player staying forward and my second quickest on the edge of the area ready for the counter which is so key in how i play. The difference in set-piece taker in attack obviously changes things as roles will automatically change when you rotate your squad so absolutely key in my opinion. I must admit some cup games i skip the set-piece thing altogether. You do set your set-pieces up before the season starts though don't you just not changing them through the season.
  5. I was just curious to see if everyone adjusts there set-pieces before every game. Not really based on the opposition your playing unless in extreme circumstances. I’m only really doing it to make sure my best goal scoring threat on corners is at the near post and that the right players stay back and such. I check on the attack and defence on corners and free-kicks (but only direct free-kicks I keep the deep free-kicks and such on the default I make before I start a season). I really don’t do much else leading to a game I never listen to any of my coaches instructions for example.
  6. Okay man so this is the screen shot of the topic on steam comunity general discussion, you will be 7 so just 3 more if anyone else is interested.
  7. Ahh nah man I was looking for like 10 managers together online there is currently one on the steam discussion page, 6 out of 10so far I’m one of them so we just need 4 more.
  8. I'm game but never played online before how does it work, and don't worry I'm very familair with FM in general just not the multiplayer aspect.
  9. Which teams do you usually start with? what experience do you start with as a coach? Have you played 18? Is there another tactical football sim out there you've found that can offer this?
  10. Some people could use a break from FM i feel. There will never be a unaninmously loved strategy game beacuse a really tight strategy game can be difficult to succeed in therefore they'll be losers, people do not like losing. This is literally my first post on here, haven't been on an FM forum for about 10 years, not interested in people telling me about what wonderkids to sign, i want to find them for myself. Having looked to play online for the first time brought me here and I have to say if you don't like what SI are giving you then don't buy this years, chances are you'll be back because nothing out there even comes close. My memory isn't great but I think it was between 11-13 I stopped buying the games simply because since 01/02 i've been addicted and knew it was time to stop for a little while plus working crazy hours. When i came back i appreciated it more than ever, there may be some bugs here and there but considering the small size of SI they do a terrific job every season and it has come on leaps and bounds over the years simply in database size alone it's ridiculous. Take a year or two off come back and i guarentee you'll appreciate it more. Personally i have some issues, sure there are bugs, i've done almost a 1,000 hours on FM 18 but they haven't been debilating so more than happy to buy 19. I think there will be a bit of an overhaul this year, a new interface i feel has been a long time coming i think this is the edition we'll be seeing it. The biggest downer for me is the media stuff it's just mind numbingly boring and the same old s*it over and over again. Either limit the media obligations or completely revamp it making it feel at least a little fresher from one obligation to the next I'm sure they'll be looking at this. I don't think it's as simple to say oh they should spend less time with the media stuff and spend more time on other aspects of the game though, they're probably getting the best out of the other parts of the game, as one poster said changing the ME for one bug can open up a new one or several. I've never put down a FM game becasue of bugs it's just never happened for me they are all very efficient in that department. Probably anticipating this one more than any other looks like SI have made some serious changes and in SI i trust.
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