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  1. When would you use 'pass into space', when the opposition leaves space in behind the defence?
  2. Thanks for all that, appreciate you taking the time. Dann v tomkins, we just seem more solid with Dann alongside Sahko, though I'm giving Kamara some playing time as i think longer term he'll come into that spot
  3. And yes, in terms of the way I want this team to play, I want them to be hitting teams quickly when they win the ball back, either by the quick wingers taking the ball up the pitch, or playing out to benteke to hold the ball until the wingers join him
  4. Thanks, some really helpful advice there. Here's Gronli. To be honest I bought him as one for the future, but he's been outperforming Meyer
  5. I have roam from position because in a previous save my TM was getting isolated, so was to get him linking up more, but having said that, that was with a more defensive approach so might not apply here
  6. Thanks for that. And yes, any general advice on the tactic would be gratefully received
  7. I play with Benteke up front on his own as TM(s), but he constantly gets called offside when the ball is played up to him. I thought with him on support, that would avoid this as he'd be a bit deeper. I do have him on Roam From Position, so maybe that's why? Or because I play 75% direct and 50% tempo, is the ball coming up to him too quickly? Or is he just lazy with his positioning? Any thoughts on this?
  8. Any recommendations for a ball winning midfielder. I'm Crystal Palace in season 2 and looking for someone to play alongside Milovojevic and Gronli
  9. That's really helpful thanks, I'll have a play around with that. Yes, Low crosses are because all my forwards are relatively small, but fairly quick. I've got my lone striker on DLF su at the moment because he was too isolated, but I'll try the suggestion in the midfield to try to get CM at a bit closer to him
  10. Here's what ive got at the moment. It's the lower teams in the league that I'm struggling with away as well, probably more than the better teams. I beat Liverpool & Chelsea at home but then lost & couldn't score away against Huddersfield, Brighton & Southampton
  11. What changes do people make away from home? I'm playing as Leicester and started to pick up points at home but struggling in away games. Seem to play ok in away games but struggle for goals and then concede a goal almost out of nowhere. Usually I'd play a more defensive mentality away but I'm already playing cautious counter attack and not scoring so I'm reluctant to go more defensive
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