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    Bolton Wanderers (FM20 plan)
  1. Sounds good. Championship is a fun league in FM and IRL. Managed Dynamo Dresden in FM17 which is an interesting challenge. Have a 32,000 seater stadium and good infrastructure in Bundesliga 2. Always think St.Pauli looks an interesting club too. Going for Bolton in EFL 1 myself, starting on -12 points.
  2. Bolton Wanderers for me. “Sleeping giant”, in financial strife, EFL 1, -12 points to start. Replicated my own ream, Southampton, in 2009/10. Looks a great challenge to stabilise team and finances and start a rebuild with a view to heading back to the upper echelons where they were a fixture just a few years ago. Can follow this on Twitter @hutchfm
  3. Had a great game a couple of years back in 3.Liga with Dynamo Dresden. They are currently in 2.Liga with great crowdbase in 32000 stadium!
  4. Totally agree. Just started as Salford in FM18 (Conference North). Potenitially rich and ambitious with Peter Lim and Neville's, Butt, Scholes and Giggs as owners. Sunderland is very tempting as very big club in 3rd tier. Ambitious and shrewd new onwer, Stewart Donald, who funded Eastleigh in Conference South and up to Conference National. Sunderland have big crowdbase but massive wages and rich primadonnas to coerse into action or ship out. Have enjoyed having big clubs down in League 1 and 2 in recent FM's. Have managed Southampton in League 1, Portsmouth fro League 2 up to Championship and Coventry in League 2. Great challenges with ex Premier League clubs. All the best with whoever you choose. Personally I may skip FM19 if I can hang on in long term save with Salford.
  5. Currently managing Salford City in English Conference North in FM18. They will be in Conference National in FM19. Owned by very wealthy Valencia owner Peter Lim plus Neville brotehrs, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs and Nicky Butt. Potentially very rich and very ambitious club!! Recommend Eastleigh in Conference National as a challenge due to Chairman/Owner leaving to buy Sunderland. As for Football League teams, Sunderland will be great challenge to get back up from League 1 with their massive wage bill and money issues. Big club at that level.
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