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  1. I I got my problem fixed. Cleared preferences and cache, veryfied files and updated graphic driver.
  2. Crashed with my saved game also. After update I tried to proceed to next game and just as I clicked "dressing room" it crashed. Had no problems before.
  3. Hello, I'm also trying to shift EHM2007 to a new computer. My problem is that I can't install it to new computer. I have a order ID from receipt-file but the installation program won't give a license anymore. When I put the order ID in the box and click install license, it just gives a error message. Any ideas what to do?
  4. I was meant to play NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2007 after longer break. It seems I last played in April 2016 according to my saved game-file. Now when I clicked the game icon I have window saying "In order to finish initializing, this application must first be run by a user administrator privileges. Please contact your system administrator for help. 5-2 Now I'm contacting. What to do?? I had different email when I purchased the game years ago but I didn't have any problems playing last April. Maybe this is not because my email changed but why is this happening? And how to make it work again?
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