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  1. Judging by the past, it's going to be something PR related. Miles did it last year (or was it the year before?) related to Brexit. I'm not sure any regular player craved a random generated political outcome in the actual game, but it got Football Manager in almost every paper and all over the internet in news articles. That was announced on the date of release, too. I wouldn't get your hopes up.
  2. I will be happy to judge it by myself when I play the game but if this is correct it's seriously irritating. I have bleated on about a UI overhaul for a long time now, judging by the videos released, it's a new color palette. Not a new UI. The issue isn't the colors, it's the clunky layout, overload of information, buttons not doing what you expect them to do. To put it bluntly it's a terrible UI and a color palette change doesn't alter anything. Howver as I said, I will judge it on my own when the beta is released - but I can already see by the screenshots it's categorically NOT a new UI.
  3. I think this year's FM has been good. The introduction of proper dressing room atmosphere's is a good thing, and I like the fact (despite it sometimes being frustrating) that teams can have massive slumps and good runs. It adds momentum, which is a huge part of real life football. The scouting revamp seems to have confused things, unless I just don't understand it yet despite playing all year - if I scout a player I want to see a report in my inbox in the next few days, and the current scouting system doesn't do that which to me is stupid. But that's nitpicking. The big problem I have is the outdated look of the game. It hasn't improved or kept up to date with modern techniques like other games have. Look at the FIFA menu's, they are modern and slick. Example, if you go on a website that was designed 5 years ago - you notice. It's the same with the FM interface. Quite frankly it's outdated and cluttered. The UX design is also poor. There are buttons all over the game that doesn't do what you think it would. Example, the quick button toolbar for tactics when you are in a game. I have logged about 700 hours this year and I still don't know what does what. That's bad. This sums it up perfectly! While it's funny, it's also slightly sad how they have bodged regens faces. All the technology that is available nowadays and they come out with that in the past few games. Made even more annoying that you are forced to use the plastic, melted regen face as your managerial avatar and not a picture (minor, I know, but it's annoying to me). I don't care about the match engine, add more animations, sure, but please, for the love of good, improve the look and interface of your menus. If I open up FM19 and it looks similar to 18 it's going to be a huge disappointment to me. Thankfully, with the new logo, I think they are going in the direction I hope.
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