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  1. I train fc united in premier as a youth academy challeng..underdog as you understand..which tactic is the best as underdog and the best for sc/scs to score as much?
  2. hello, does anybody know the reload and reset dates for Greece?
  3. I was reffering to : FM20.2.34231KnapPar1s ParisienneWaalkwaysvP101FA. Is this the latest or was it updated? In any case works quite fine. Just gives a feeling that with a tactical polish of the tiny details it can produce better offensively and mainly defensively
  4. knap, can please re - check parisienn 4231 and fine tune it? it seems more promising with latest patch , much efficient and attacking and just needs some polishing defensively and maybe also in other areas so to be even better! please check it since a 4231 seems to be working after so long!
  5. you are right, i used all the previous months your 442s , and were really killing! I know that 4231 is less efficient than 442, and i'm fine with it. Just want to see something different as formation . My only worry is to find a 4231 where the sc scores with consistency assuming correct ability and attributes.
  6. thanks buddy for your reply. Just looking for your guidance Trying to find a 4231 formation , or a 4411 which favours the sc in terms of goals . BTW the above mentioned tactic is great. Great avgs in all players , great results, BUT tragic sc avg and NO goals from him, and that is why I am looking whether you created a more efficient for the sc tactic. Your suggestion would be appreciated.
  7. !!!!19.3.4BEOWULF4231IFAFKnapP103EC.fmf45.2 kB · 4,101 downloads is the best lone sc high volume scoring striker system you made with DR/DL being NOT inverted?
  8. 442 106 beowulf is the most efficient? Not beowulf 107 with f9?
  9. is there an update for 19.2 on !FM19.1.4GOODBYE4231KnapPressP102.fmf?
  10. Knap press works like a charm.. Proper chance creation distribution to sc's and amrl and mc. Excellent! If only you could make a similar logic and play in a 4231
  11. been using midsomer flat 442....since don't have proper volante dmc or anchor man.. been killing in front...but get penetrated in the back and at scoring it is mostly AMRL and MCs..any ideas??
  12. Also, some explanation of player and roles: GK (D): want a simple good goalkeeper whose duty is just not to get beaten. I don't care about distribution DR/DL FB(s): want a full back to support in balance. I want some runs and crosses from him with some overlaps but definatelly want a sound defensive performance from him and not to get harrassed by opponent wingers DC CD(d): would prefer ball playing defenders but they are more difficult to find. and since i was coming from lower divisions I want them to stop attackers as simple as that. MRC Ball winning midfield: well I want a "Kante, Makelele". A very athletic and defensively efficient player who will hunt down whoever decides to carry the ball. However since there will be only 2 central midfiields I want him able to pass and support the counter and thus the support duty MLC Deep lying playmaker: well I want him to get the first or second ball after our intercept and guide and start the attack with him excellent passing. However, since there are only 2 Midfielders I try to look for efficient defender as well. MR/ML Winger Attack: I chose MR/ML instead of AMR/AML , so to be better in defence and attrack higher opponent defence and have my wingers closer to my backs. With attack duty , I want them to run and cross and if possible from the line and not deep. If they can arrive late inside box and receive passes/crosses and score that's a plus. SC R Target Man: well no basic reason I started with that role, however, I liked they way this role moves. Usually he gets the first ball from midfield , he has attracted 1 or 2 defenders and then either passes to MLC and in turn the midfield will pass to SC L , and have a CC or the target man will directly pass to SC L, which equally is nice. Furthermore , he can arrive in 2nd timing in box, and receive a ball or a header to score. SC L : Advanced Forward: Want a bomber here but not to play selfish and equally help his partner with passes to score. I'm open minded with changing roles and mentalities..just wanted to explain what I want from every position.
  13. hello again, thank you guys. Most people ask me about team instructions and why. well let's start: Counter :I chose counter mentality since I always (especially this year I am the worst) am off the worst teams. so I want to play as conservative and defensive as possible so as not to be humiliated by other more able clubs. However, I don't want catenachio, but sturdy defence so that I win ball fast and with the most pacey players I could get to trigger a counter or in normal attack hit them as fast as possible without too many complicated attacks. Higher tempo: I chose that since I think it affects the transition. When I gain the possession I want a fast attack. Defensive line slightly higher: well since I chose to press all over the pitch , I think in this way i would minimize the space between the lines to cover and with high acceleration defenders i would counterattack the through balls to opponents attackers. Offside trap: since my DCs play in a line, I think this would benefit them Closing down more: well as said, I want a strong , close with each other defence so not easy to penetrate, but also want to put pressure on opponents defenders when they have ball so to make mistaken distribution or when opponents passes the mitfield that he will get beaten down and not be allowed to make their play Prevent GK distribution: same reason here, put pressure on him as well so that he makes a bad pass and i will regain possesion fast Use tighter marking: I want the opponents to feel my team closing down. I want them to spit bloody when they will have ball and not be allowed to play Get stuck in: well more aggresive tacklin, despite the more fouls, should improve defence, no? Play out of defence: Well I don't want blind , with no vision and pointless clearances. Once we intercept attack , I want them to think where they will throw the ball, and long ball seems to me that i will be gifting the ball to them Pass into space: Since I try to play counter attack and generally direct attack and most of my attacking players , midfield and offence, have high acceleration and dribling , with passing into space, I think it's smart since I give them space to accelerate and dribble, and have many 1v1 moves. Plus passing into a crowded place, makes it more prone to mistakes and interceptions , no?? More direct passing: well I would like , once i get possesion to make a pass to attacker if possible , or to a midfield and then in turn to attacker so to shoot. I don't like tiki taka..I want simple, fast and not complicated football. Be more disciplined: well thought it would make my defence better in terms of positioning and teamwork Work ball into box: Well i like counterfootball or fast football..but fast doesn't mean always effective.. I want them to double think where they will pass..I want them to pass fast but not pass just to make a pass. So yes, fast passing, but thinking what and when to pass Run at defence: Well it should fit with pass to space for the similar reasons. Also what I couldn't do with the 442 is to make my DR DL be more active in attacks and even worse see opponents wingers penetrate through them, behind them , causing havoc in the sides. any ideas? As a general comment , yes I am doing really good for first season in premier. But with such an offence it's a shame i got hamerred so much. With a better defence , either with different roles or mentalities or other instructions , I could have better defensive reactions and get more points and thus even qualify for europe..and yes , with better players every year obviously I can hope for better league placement. Please don't hesitate to suggest any improvements and correct me and my tactic. I got tired of 3 striker and 3 defender attacks as well as with one attacker systems, so I am trying with 442. If needed I could upload it as well, although since it's not working efficiently in defence I am sure you guys have better ones.
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