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  1. Here are my files (i have two in this folder).STORE_DIALOG_CHANNEL_07_02_2019_17_24_36.logSTORE_DIALOG_CHANNEL_09_02_2019_14_38_45.log I also have many log files in "Football Manager 2019 Touch\Logs\Persistent" do you need them too?
  2. They don't understand that this problem is only for certain countries since the change of currency, and they don't bother to check it. Unbelievable. In my country (israel) - everyone suffers from the same issue. But because its only FMT, no one bothers to bring it up. The same issue for FMT16,17,18,19: btw i'm playing this game since cm01/02. Please don't ignore the fans.
  3. It seems they (Steam) did not understand you and did not answer your questions. They completely misunderstood the situation. It is so frustrating to read their answers. Also you have to tell them that it's not just a problem for you - it's a worldwide issue. Me and many friends of mine have this issue since Steam switched to local currency.
  4. Thousands of people experience the same issue (including me) and everyone turns a blind eye. Dandy, please update if you have resolved the issue. Also thank you for not giving up!
  5. Still no solution? I have the same issue. I believe it has to do with the region/country since the changes in currency in steam for certain countries. I tried it with number of PCs + FM 16/17/18 and the same issue. it worked for me before, but now in every game of FM it is not working.
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