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  1. Hi @wannachupbrew can i get a copy of the save this is happening on for review please? Thanks
  2. Hi @Balahara, @Stanny78, @freeriderau and @cumminsjordan, Thank you for logging the information regarding releasing of players from clubs. Now that the we have the specific data issues for contracts listed in the data forum section and the salary cap increase has been logged for resolution, this could resolve the issue with AI managers releasing players to make room for signings, I will keep investigating the AI managers use of salary cap also and look to see what degree it is a bug independent of those issues.
  3. Thank you @cumminsjordan and @wannachupbrew I've logged the salary cap issue for resolution
  4. Hi @Heartbreakkid99, this has now been logged for review, Thanks for the information
  5. Hi @Stewart1111 Could I get a save before this issue as there should have been a registration on the 11th July prior to the game on the 12th July? Thanks
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