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  1. Thank you @comoholic if you have a save from before championship/relegation switch could you upload it using the below method
  2. Hi @oliverdanielbeddow thank you for raising this issue, would you have a save from around the November time before you received the inbox message? Looking at the save that you originally attached, the brexit scenario that has happened means that any player whom was at the club prior to the new rules being implemented would not be subject to the new brexit work permit scenario, these players would still be classed as foreign, this sounds like the wording from the inbox message is either unclear or incorrect hence why it would be beneficial for a save from before this arrived. Thank you in advance
  3. Thank you @innerjo we are aware of the substitution issue in the superliga and this is already under review
  4. Thanks for the information @Smoo can you send us a save where your witnessing this payout, preferably from the day before the game is played in the semi final
  5. Thanks a lot for the information, this is now under review We have logged this for review We were aware of this issue and it is already under review Finally, this has also been logged for review, Thank you @scottmcl84 great bugs raised with clear corroborating evidence
  6. Thank you for the information @murmur these issues are under review
  7. Hi @sinnerjo can you please upload the save from before the draft using below method and we can investigate the issue, thanks
  8. Hi @Handstar this is a known issue that is under review, thank you
  9. Thank you for the save @mrek this issue has been logged for review
  10. Hi @JOJONEL Thank you for the information, this is now under review
  11. Hi @abdi1721 are you still experiencing this issue, if so can you let us know what you were doing prior to the crash? or any steps you took if this is replicating? thank you
  12. Hi @Micho21 can you please upload the .fmf files using the method below so we can investigate further. Thank you
  13. Thank you @motdattan the issue with positions not showing has already been logged for the dev team to resolve
  14. Thanks @Gorando the issue with Position not showing has already been raised for review
  15. Hi @bassistuk compression was removed from this years editor as part of some background streamlining work done by the dev team, the slowness was believed to be linked to a different issue which was resolved, could you let us know if you are still experiencing slow loading on fmf files please? Thanks
  16. Thank you @VudoBadger this has been logged for review
  17. Hi @syntheticdeejay an issue with positions not being shown in the editor is currently under review from a previous post, thank you for the information
  18. Hi @claassen Following review this wasn't a bug, the dev team have Identified that the following was incorrect in editor data: the season update date did not match the dates set in the Pre-season Dates list and the 3rd Division was expecting a playoff stage from Division 1 instead of Division 2. Hopefully this helps
  19. Thank you @endtime and @majesticeternity this has now been logged for review
  20. Hi @99 and @majesticeternity can you please upload the editor file for us to resolve any issues, many thanks
  21. Thank you @van helmut we are aware of this issue and it is currently under review
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