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  1. 13 hours ago, Laurefinwe said:

    Sorry @Alix.Humphries, none of the files I have are from before the conversation with the player. I uploaded the three files though, because you can see how the board confidence deteriorates as the Intermedio progresses:

    Laurefinwe_Uruguay Primera bug_Oldest.fm

    Laurefinwe_Uruguay Primera bug_Middle.fm

    Laurefinwe_Uruguay Primera bug_Current.fm

    Thank you @Laurefinwe, after investigation following your post yesterday we identified an issue with the board expectations which is now under review.

  2. 19 hours ago, ixmail2 said:


    When playing 22/23 season, (i think because of the world cup playing on November/December at Qatar) fixtures get crazy. A team plays 13 matches while some play 9 games. It is not a big deal, it gets equal after February. But the problem is, Uefa Euro League first and second knockouts are being played as one legged games. There are no second legs for the qualifications after group stages. It also gets ok after quarter finals. In my two different games, it happened exactly same. 

    Hi @ixmail the format of the knockout stages has been altered in that scenario to work as you described, meaning the 1st and 2nd knockout rounds will be played over 1 leg if Qatar host the world cup. As we have no information yet as to how  FAs and UEFA will address the congestion issue that could possibly arise from the World Cup being played in winter, we have implemented our best effort to ensure congestion isn't too much of an issue for that season. Hope this information helps.

  3. 11 hours ago, Laurefinwe said:

    Found a bad one playing with Wanderers (which starts at the bottom of the league 'cause of its capital letter).

    Board expectations: near top half

    Finished the Apertura 3rd. The Intermedio comes and Emanuel Gularte starts complaining that the team is underachieving. I genuinely didn't understand why. Won 2 of the opening three games of the Intermedio, still 3rd in the overall table just 3 points away from Defensor at the top.

    But of course, the Primera División's table that the game is taking into account, and that's the Closing stage table in which I'm, of course, bottom of the league because we all have 0 points and our name starts with a W.

    Some screenshots: 

      Hide contents












    I'll upload the save if necessary, let me know!

    Hi @Laurefinwe can you please upload a save from before this conversation if possible, then we can investigate the issue further. Thanks


  4. 17 hours ago, mbelerique said:

    The league sorting rules are off. I was Sporting and tied on points with Braga at the end of the season. With the league sorting rules Sporting should have been Champions but Braga still won the title. It appeared that the sorting bug only applied when I (Sporting) was tied with Braga. I saw other teams tied on points in my division and others where the proper sorting rules were applied. 
    - We tied both our games against each other. 2-2 away at Braga, and 1-1 home at Sporting. So even if away goals applies, Sporting would be top.
    - I had better goal difference
    - I had more goals for

    I originally posted in the wrong topic which can be found here: 

    I posted my screenshots in there. 

    Thanks for reporting this @mbelerique can we get a save from just before the final game is played so we can investigate the issue with the sorting rules, Thanks

  5. 7 minutes ago, Melroseby said:

    I have just bought a new laptop and FM19 crashes intermittently giving error 19.2.1 - 117743 [staging] [2] - This error occurs with or without 3rd party facepacks and in both the savegame ported from my old laptop and a new game created on my new laptop. I have cleared cache and preferences as recommended and have completed a full deletion and reinstallation of FM19.


    Hi @Melroseby can you upload the crash dump file for us to investigate.

    If not already done, could you verify the install files to ensure nothing has gone wrong with the download


  6. @wrexham123 if you haven't restarted steam you could try doing that, also you could try verifying your files as per below 

    Other than trying those things, if the file is corrupt it will not be able to be loaded, I'd strongly suggest backing your game up with auto saves, either using the 3 file rolling Auto saves or a new save for every auto save

  7. 1 minute ago, HSVBoy93 said:

    Hallo zusammen, ist bekannt wann das Winterupdate rauskommt ?

    Im Februar nehme ich an oder ?


    Liebe Grüße

    Hi @HSVBoy93 Historically the winter update has been released towards the end of February/ beginning of March, but we will endeavour to release as soon as we are happy with it. Thanks

  8. On 29/12/2018 at 12:43, Oladotun said:

    I currently manage Wolves in my save and I finally won every competition including Champions Cup, only for the board to say they're unhappy with reduction in club stature under my management. It's at 36% now. I'm sure that's not supposed to happen.

    Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 7.42.37 AM.png

    Hi @Oladotun if possible can you drop us a save, preferably from before you won everything, so we can investigate this issue. Thanks


  9. On 19/12/2018 at 15:48, Qwenned said:

    There is an error in Superligaen and 1st division

    The squad registration rules say "minimum of 4 players trained in the same nation for 3 years before 21st birthday"

    It should say "minimum of 8 players trained in the same nation for 3 years before 21st birthday"

    The last part of §14.2:  
    https://www.dbu.dk/turneringer_og_resultater/love_og_regler/landsdaekkende_turneringer/turneringspropositioner/propositioner_for_danmarksturneringen - It is in Danish.

    Thank you @Qwenned this has now been logged for review

  10. 1 hour ago, whiteeagle81 said:

    Problem is with Teleoptik Under-19 is next, FM forced me to play friendly games against other under-19 teams. We don't have settings to change preferences in Teleoptik Under-19. So, if you start with Partizan, you must to play friendly games for Teleoptik under-19. I hope you understand what I say.




    Hey i have this problem to. It happenend after the first Season. First Season it was ok but then i was forced to play the U19 Games for Teleoptik. I am playing Partizan Belgrade..It would ruin my savegame because there is no option to turn out to play the u19 games of Teleoptik (its the Partner Team in Second Serbian League). I hope you understand what we mean. If you want i can send you the Savegame.



    Thanks You @whiteeagle81 We have been unable to replicate the issue of managers being forced to manage Teleoptiks u19 games, if you could provide the save game in which this is happening we can continue to investigate further



  11. On 17/12/2018 at 18:42, Chris Hamilton said:
    Minor detail but There should be a Junior team from the west of Scotland Premiership included in the Scottish Cup qualifying round as well as the winner of the Scottish Junior cup. Hence why Auchinleck Talbot have made it to the 4th round vs Ayr and Beith made it to the third round this year. Also the winners of the Scottish amateur cup are included as well in the qualifying round, this year it was Shortlees but I’m not sure if that one will be possible don’t think there are any amateur teams in the DB? 

    Thanks @Chris Hamilton, this is now under review

  12. 1 hour ago, scottmcl84 said:

    Thanks @Alix.Humphries. Without it wanting to come across like I'm obsessed with the Betfred Cup I think there's another issue!

    I wanted to see what happens to the group stage when Scotland move up the European coefficients and get an extra European place. It keeps all five European teams out of the group stage, reduces one of the groups from five to four teams, and reduces the number of best 2nd placed teams qualifying from four to three, which all looks good.

    However, the way it's set up means there's basically no chance of the 2nd placed team in the group of four qualifying since all other teams have played a game more than them. I think it should work in the same way as the World Cup qualifying where there is a table for 2nd placed teams and results between teams in the top four positions are used to sort teams in the second placed teams table. 

    Thanks @scottmcl84 as this is a hypothetical situation we have to go with a best guess as to a solution and whilst the chance of qualifying second is unlikely, the chance of qualifying first is increased, this is due to the teams in a group of four only playing 3 games compared to the other groups playing 4. But once the Scottish FA announce any format for this scenario, we can implement it.

  13. 13 hours ago, Oehli27 said:

    I have the bug that after completing the December Waiver Draft 2018 the squad registration rules changed. Now the only requirements are "minimum 5 international players" and "maximum 30 registered players".

    Some infos to the save: - I created my own club (took Cincinnati and renamed them, new kits etc., removed all players at the beginning)

    - with the FMRTE Editor I renamed the chairman, made myself unsackable (I made the chairman my father), edited a little bit the number of allowed scouts and coaches

    I´ll upload two savegames to the cloud. The first is named Oehli 27 - MLS - before international bug and the second Oehli 27 - MLS - after international bug.  But it could take a little while with my bad internet until it´s finished. I guess 20-30 minutes after I made this post.^^


    EDIT: In an older save with Gladbach where I´m already in September 2019 and the MLS is on view only, the rules are right. 

    EDIT 2: A played again from the first savegame until the Waiver Draft and the rules changed on the 17th December, before I entered the draft.


    Thank you @Oehli27 this has now been logged for review

  14. 12 hours ago, looknohands said:

    The actual MLS draft needs work, too.  At the very least, we should have the option of sending our scouts (either as a whole, or a select number) to watch the players play in the draft combine.  The game asked me who I'd like to send, but by the time the draft rolled around, I didn't even have 20 of the players scouted.

    Ideally, the game should prompt the user for the option of either scouting ALL of the players made available in the draft, or to focus on the ones participating in the combine.

    This is already under review @looknohands Thank you for the information

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