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  1. Thank you @Laurefinwe, after investigation following your post yesterday we identified an issue with the board expectations which is now under review.
  2. Thank you @Tomtheowl95 and @Scotty Walds, we have now logged this for review
  3. Hi @ClemB can you upload a save with this happening please, that way we can investigate the issue. Thanks
  4. Hi @ixmail the format of the knockout stages has been altered in that scenario to work as you described, meaning the 1st and 2nd knockout rounds will be played over 1 leg if Qatar host the world cup. As we have no information yet as to how FAs and UEFA will address the congestion issue that could possibly arise from the World Cup being played in winter, we have implemented our best effort to ensure congestion isn't too much of an issue for that season. Hope this information helps.
  5. Hi @Laurefinwe can you please upload a save from before this conversation if possible, then we can investigate the issue further. Thanks
  6. Thanks for reporting this @mbelerique can we get a save from just before the final game is played so we can investigate the issue with the sorting rules, Thanks
  7. Thank you @Melroseby are you using any Editor files for these games?
  8. Hi @Melroseby can you upload the crash dump file for us to investigate. If not already done, could you verify the install files to ensure nothing has gone wrong with the download Thanks
  9. @wrexham123 if you haven't restarted steam you could try doing that, also you could try verifying your files as per below Other than trying those things, if the file is corrupt it will not be able to be loaded, I'd strongly suggest backing your game up with auto saves, either using the 3 file rolling Auto saves or a new save for every auto save
  10. Hi @HSVBoy93 Historically the winter update has been released towards the end of February/ beginning of March, but we will endeavour to release as soon as we are happy with it. Thanks
  11. Hi @Ragin Cajun are you seeing the files in the file structure of the documents folder on your new PC? so in ..\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019 of the default account? Thanks
  12. This occasionally happens with steam, you should simply need to close the properties and re-open, if this doesn't fix it try restarting steam
  13. Hi @yhmak if this is still happening, can you upload a save for us to investigate further, Thanks
  14. Hi @rockie can we get a copy of the save this is happening in so we can investigate further, Thanks
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