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  1. I tried some tweaks of team width, pressing line and gave the instruction to "be more creative" since it looks we're doing ok on that stat.. sometimes it worked a little and sometimes it didn't work at all.. as I mentioned I'm not good with tactics, so even if I'm watching the extended Highlights I struggle to get any insight on the reasons of the poor attack
  2. So, I started with the new tactic in November, but I can't say the results have improved a lot.. but the main problem is that now the number of chances created are very low, so the board had started complaining bout the lack of offensive football. The new tactic looks like it works against much better teams, when I change mentality to cautious and allowed me to save the results against Liverpool and Tottenham, and almost with Chelsea and ManCity, but in the other matches I was really struggling on the attack.
  3. Thanks for the Deep analysis and the suggestions so far, hopefully I'll be able to test It in the weekend
  4. Lol, the board asked me to play an offensive and entertaining football I'll wait for your analysis, thank you
  5. Okay, I already applied some changes: changed some duties and removed some instructions. I think the squad fits to a 4-3-3 Palacios as mezzala was unusual, I used to make him play as AP, you suggest on support or Attack duty? Also now he plays on the same side as Trincão, so my most tecnhical players can connect.. good idea or Will they step on each others toes with this configuration? On the left there are the mez on Attack duty and the winger, also on Attack, too much? Also helder costa Is my only left winger, when others play there I have them as IF, because they have bad crossing skills. Phillips Is gonna be a defensive midfielders, he's playing as HB but bevere got Natural in the position, I might Advance him, Always with defensive duties, but I don't know. On defense Tymon is on support duty, since on the left everyone in front of him are on Attack, on the right Mazraoui Who should be a Little more tecnhical Is on Attack duties.. the idea Is to develop the manouver on the right side, and then hopefully switch play and exploit the left flank. This evening I'm gonna post the screenshots of all the players, so you can tell me if their abilities are good enough or can be out under better use. Thanks
  6. Right on it, here they are: Generally also let's say that the squad is really bad on headers, so keep in mind that, best attribute of the defenders, compared to the rest of the league, is Positioning, not sure if that means I can opt for using the offside trap. Flair and vision are also two skills the squad excels in, according to the team report
  7. Yep, something that could also bring the best out of my stars, palacios in the middle and haaland and trincão on front
  8. Well, thanks for the brutally honest feedback.. Ideally I would like to play something like sarriball, lots of short combinations(I made all of my offensive players learn "play one-two), but more realistically I'm looking to whatever fits the best with my current players, so to save my bench..
  9. Ouch, you're right, didn't even think about that, I'm gonna fix the screenshot right away! McCalmont or whatever was sold in the second season for 20 mill, I'm developing Kenneh but he's still behind.. also I think the squad is pretty solid, I mean, Palacios and Haaland are already top players, Mazraoui, Trincao, Phillips are also pretty good, Pongracic, Butland ,Vallejo,Costa should be solid enough for a mid table position... that's my idea at least, maybe you're right and it's just a matter of having bad players
  10. Hi, didn't notice if it happened after latest update, but it may be so. I was having fun with my Leeds career, working with a tactic I kind of copied from a thread here, because I'm bad with tactics, and tweaked it a little. Amazingly enough my first season in Premier ended at the 8th place, in the summer I went all in to buy Haaland as a substitute of Borja Mayoral (on loan), I bought Mazraoui instead of Ayling and Vallejo for free to take the spot of Corbo/Mai.. I accepted a 57 million offer for Shackleton but I think Bogusz is almost of the same level.. I was super excited to start the season and claim my spot in Euro League challenge, after all I really thought the squad improved in all roles..yet the squad totally sucks now! The screenshot is a little old but now I'm on the 1st of October and have yet to win a single game!! I got kicked in the nuts even in Carabao Cup, I tried to change tactic, tweak this one, play with the away version, but nothing, the attack never manages to create anything good and I don't know what to do, oddly enough the only times I was close to winning was against Man City and Chelsea, yet they manage to score some late equalizer.. Any suggestions? And that's another experiment, but I don't think it really fits the players..
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