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  1. i'd be interested, i've wanted to build a club philosophy from the lower leagues, tactically at least it'll be about the fundamentals of how we want to play -quick passing -a higher press -higher line -not overpaying for players no matter how good they are -depending on youth academies more than transfer dealings etc etc, that'll be what my next save is about, i'm relatively new to the game so i'm trying to create a successful manager whose won the league in all top 4 divisions and won the european cup with at least 4 different clubs in a time span of 33 years, i've still got 30 to go
  2. i think he meant that if you played at a higher tempo you'd move the ball around quicker and by consequence your players would have to move their positions faster into attacking zones, if you lose the ball easily playing higher tempo your players can be caught out easier and be susceptible to counter attacks yourself
  3. it was actually DMs , in old formations there were no center backs i think
  4. just the default ones really, i wasnt sure how i exactly wanted them to play and i thought i'd get whacked anyways so whats the point so i didnt change the roles
  5. yeah... the amazing thing was leipzig are a much stronger team on paper yet by chances on goal we were equal, the extra man ended up paying off as they hit on the break i suppose
  6. 2 Dms 3cms 5 attackers (2 wingers, 2 dlfs and one af) the team instructions were a high defensive line, much more direct passing (i had about 3? maybe 5 men in the box so it seemed logical), close down less, highly structured a higher tempo float crosses and play the ball to wide areas or pump the ball into box i want to recreate a 2-3-5 of olden times so that's why i chose the highly structured shape
  7. i tried it against leipzig as augsburg and was leading 2-1 at half time... until i got a player sent off and the game ended 4-8 to leipzig, very entertaining, i wonder if anyone has made a save with that tactic
  8. that sounds interesting, how do see yourself progressing from that to when say you're the stronger side and have to be the one breaking teams down who sit quite deep? don't you think that mentality can leave you more vulnerable to the oppositions counters if they just sit off deep?
  9. yes, i found that out the hard way as my flank was regularly exposed and i inevitably conceded while my attacking options down that flank were minimal, so i've just used an attacking full back instead
  10. yes you are right, it's just that i used a 4-4-1-1 on the counter with my last team i wanted to do something more adventurous and reactive, i wanted to use the inside forwards as players who would overload in the center seeing as though in the bundesliga most teams play with a duo in midfield having said that i've taken experienced defenders suggestion with a few tweaks here i changed the fullback into a wingback so he could play more vertical and take advantage of the wide areas left by the IF creating a 2v1 vs the opposition fullback and subsequently the IF drops into a channel in behind the two midfielders overloading the center of the field, my box to box midfielder, my fullback is staying behind the winger as he is going to keep a back 3 in shape, in case my left flank is exploited my center half moves up to defend the cross and my anchor man drops deep creating a back 4 while my BtB and wb come back to defend, in attack i'm using a Target man that likes to press but ideally i'd like a deep lying forward that presses a lot so he can bring one of the center backs with him giving the IF space to run into i defend in a low block and depending on how tall my dlf is or if the opposition seems to not press as intensely i tone the directness down to mixed passing, i use a narrow shape as i want to concentrate most of my play in the middle exploiting the two man central midfield pairing individually the IF ideally roams around, the Btb moves into channels to create opportunitys for a one two and open up space for my playmaker to carve out a killer ball, my fb holds his position and my DLF and IF press high up the pitch in case the opposition seems to build from the back thoughts? DLFa IFs Ws BtBM APMa ACM WB(a) CD CD Fbs GK/SWKd
  11. http://www.zonalmarking.net/2011/04/17/real-madrid-1-1-barcelona-tactics/ sorry it looks like i misremembered the details from this article yes, having an anchor man who holds the horizontal channel between the back 4 and the two central midfielders can effectively shut down the space available to a false nine
  12. mourinho combated the use of messi as a false nine just by having pepedive into tackles and acting as a destroyer to him, basically man marking him
  13. long balls practically cured geggen pressing, this is what happened in klopps final season in the bundesliga, more teams effectively just hoofed the ball upfield bypassing the entire press, since dortmund weren't used to breaking defenses down at that point they couldn't score and lost a lot of games that way
  14. teams are generally stronger at home, if your home form is impeccable you might want to take the mourinho route and go for draws and counter attacks away from home, and the lesser sides should be no problem as their defenses are typically too weak to resist your superior attacking threats so you can nick 1-0 wins that way
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