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  1. well just finishing off another team i must of done about 30 teams with new stadium background ads , and generic ads for the animated boards , i said i was going to do the premiership and championship but i'm going to leave it as what i've done now at the moment , if there's enough interest i will release what i have but the xml file had been overhauled and the file locations have been to , to me making it much simple to organise and use - so if people want it give me a shout on this post but remember you will have to organise the file structure as i have done in the xml , plus its a bit of a catch 22 as the ordering of number ads will change if the stadium expands , so you will have rearrange them again
  2. wouldnt know its not released yet
  3. thanks i will have a look through them for video ads , but i think all of them are in this download , managed to sort the xml again by manually adding back done about 30 clubs with more realistic stadium view static adds , done some championship clubs to but just going to play the game and then who ever gets promoted do them for now , playing with an english team is better not to do the foreign teams as they only way you meet them is in competitions so the generic ads i set for competitions will cover those stadium and video ads
  4. good stuff , well i dont know whats gone wrong with mine , looks like im gonna have to manually redo the xml again and try that because copying pasting from the one that doesn't work isnt working - my xml must of been corrupted somewhere along the line
  5. well thats me out after hours of work the video ads and the static ads have stopped working , have they updated fm2018 with a patch or something , thiers no reason why they should have stopped
  6. on the other hand im in the middle of doing chelsea's ground and i only see 45 images not alot of ad boards for a big stadium there might be a few more right at the top i dont know as the camera doesn't reach that far up
  7. did liverpool's stadium yesterday on the third image you will see you'll never walk alone on the upper 3rd tear those numbers were not visible only at a certain camera angle when the ball went high enough , this stadium took 122 images
  8. for some reason number 1 gets repeated no matter how many images you have , some numbers appear in random order and some number dont actually follow in order and some are missing in order for example i could have number 1 to 122 in ad boards dotted around the stadium so i can see where they are positioned and maybe upto number 80 will be used but maybe 76 or 40 or 34 is never there
  9. if you can only see 45 and some repeated that means you haven't enough number ads in the integer list and file location , usually the only repeated number is 1 maybe another but usually its the 1 that repeated , add another 20 numbers both in the integer list and file location part of the xml
  10. replacing static ads with numbers , why didn't you say .. lol i would say from experience doing this small stadium require about 1 to 60 and the big ones 1-100 images , thats exactly how i do it , then replace the numbers with my graphics to make a more realistic stadium view , you just got to watch for number 1 repeating itself especially behind the goal view
  11. i've no clue what your on about number splits , but if you can reposition the video ads to the stands let me know .. lol
  12. just done everton's ground , its looking pretty good all though its a pain to do and takes me an age just for one ground
  13. far i know you can only play one add , thats why i just make one big video add that changes sponsors instead of having a looping Heineken add
  14. far as i know what i read about adding images by repeating the first 10 then adding more is false , it seems to me when an ad banner is repeated means there is not enough ads in the team folder , there's about 44 ads you can add for man utd as an example but over 80 for brighton - if you set the integer command and the relevant locations that it corresponds to you fill the ads in order of how you like them they just dont random this is my xml example how im working file location first <!-- brighton ads --> <record id="50044" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/1"/> <record id="50046" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/2"/> <record id="50047" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/3"/> <record id="50048" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/4"/> <record id="50049" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/5"/> <record id="50050" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/6"/> <record id="50051" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/7"/> <record id="50052" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/8"/> <record id="50053" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/9"/> <record id="50054" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/10"/> <record id="50055" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/11"/> <record id="50056" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/12"/> <record id="50057" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/13"/> <record id="50058" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/14"/> <record id="50059" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/15"/> <record id="50060" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/16"/> <record id="50061" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/17"/> <record id="50062" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/18"/> <record id="50063" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/19"/> <record id="50064" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/20"/> <record id="50065" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/21"/> <record id="50066" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/22"/> <record id="50067" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/23"/> <record id="50068" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/24"/> <record id="50069" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/25"/> <record id="50070" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/26"/> <record id="50071" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/27"/> <record id="50072" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/28"/> <record id="50073" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/29"/> <record id="50074" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/30"/> <record id="50075" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/31"/> <record id="50076" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/32"/> <record id="50077" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/33"/> <record id="50078" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/34"/> <record id="50079" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/35"/> <record id="50080" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/36"/> <record id="50081" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/37"/> <record id="50082" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/38"/> <record id="50083" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/39"/> <record id="50084" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/40"/> <record id="50085" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/41"/> <record id="50086" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/42"/> <record id="50087" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/43"/> <record id="50088" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/44"/> <record id="50089" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/45"/> <record id="50090" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/46"/> <record id="50091" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/47"/> <record id="50092" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/48"/> <record id="50093" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/49"/> <record id="50094" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/50"/> <record id="50095" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/51"/> <record id="50096" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/52"/> <record id="50097" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/53"/> <record id="50098" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/54"/> <record id="50099" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/55"/> <record id="50100" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/56"/> <record id="50101" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/57"/> <record id="50102" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/58"/> <record id="50103" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/59"/> <record id="50104" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/60"/> <record id="50105" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/61"/> <record id="50106" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/62"/> <record id="50107" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/63"/> <record id="50108" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/64"/> <record id="50109" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/65"/> <record id="50110" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/66"/> <record id="50111" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/67"/> <record id="50112" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/68"/> <record id="50113" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/69"/> <record id="50114" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/70"/> <record id="50115" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/71"/> <record id="50116" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/72"/> <record id="50117" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/73"/> <record id="50118" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/74"/> <record id="50119" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/75"/> <record id="50120" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/76"/> <record id="50121" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/77"/> <record id="50122" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/78"/> <record id="50123" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/79"/> <record id="50124" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/80"/> <record id="50125" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/81"/> <record id="50126" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/82"/> <record id="50127" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/83"/> <record id="50128" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/84"/> <record id="50129" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/85"/> <record id="50130" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/86"/> <record id="50131" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/87"/> <record id="50132" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/88"/> <record id="50133" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/89"/> <record id="50134" path="pictures/ads/teams/clubs/brighton/90"/> as you can see my file locations are much different to what they originally was , i set it this way because it seems more organised and regimental , that's enough for 90 images and then i use default number from 1 to 90 to see where they are placed around the stadium first then replace them with my graphics to make it more realistic stadium appearance then the integer list <!-- Brighton & Hove Albion --> <list id="618"> <integer value="50044"/> <integer value="50045"/> <integer value="50046"/> <integer value="50047"/> <integer value="50048"/> <integer value="50049"/> <integer value="50050"/> <integer value="50051"/> <integer value="50052"/> <integer value="50053"/> <integer value="50054"/> <integer value="50055"/> <integer value="50056"/> <integer value="50057"/> <integer value="50058"/> <integer value="50059"/> <integer value="50060"/> <integer value="50061"/> <integer value="50062"/> <integer value="50063"/> <integer value="50064"/> <integer value="50065"/> <integer value="50066"/> <integer value="50067"/> <integer value="50068"/> <integer value="50069"/> <integer value="50070"/> <integer value="50071"/> <integer value="50072"/> <integer value="50073"/> <integer value="50074"/> <integer value="50075"/> <integer value="50076"/> <integer value="50077"/> <integer value="50078"/> <integer value="50079"/> <integer value="50080"/> <integer value="50081"/> <integer value="50082"/> <integer value="50083"/> <integer value="50084"/> <integer value="50085"/> <integer value="50086"/> <integer value="50087"/> <integer value="50088"/> <integer value="50089"/> <integer value="50090"/> <integer value="50091"/> <integer value="50092"/> <integer value="50093"/> <integer value="50094"/> <integer value="50095"/> <integer value="50096"/> <integer value="50097"/> <integer value="50098"/> <integer value="50099"/> <integer value="50100"/> <integer value="50101"/> <integer value="50102"/> <integer value="50103"/> <integer value="50104"/> <integer value="50105"/> <integer value="50106"/> <integer value="50107"/> <integer value="50108"/> <integer value="50109"/> <integer value="50110"/> <integer value="50111"/> <integer value="50112"/> <integer value="50113"/> <integer value="50114"/> <integer value="50115"/> <integer value="50116"/> <integer value="50117"/> <integer value="50118"/> <integer value="50119"/> <integer value="50120"/> <integer value="50121"/> <integer value="50122"/> <integer value="50123"/> <integer value="50124"/> <integer value="50125"/> <integer value="50126"/> <integer value="50127"/> <integer value="50128"/> <integer value="50129"/> <integer value="50130"/> <integer value="50132"/> <integer value="50133"/> <integer value="50134"/> </list> this give the game over 90 images for brighton if the stadium support so many images
  15. i had a false positive , although it kind of possible but not really , id moved a load of folders and then had to configure the xml to find the new locations , meaning some of the clubs i played especially champions league didnt have no ads or videos - so the force led for competitions filled in , thus giving the illusion of what i posted - so im still at it .. lol in fact from the original download of this ad banner mod its not recognisable anymore than it did look like , im working on replacing graphics for english clubs that will take me an age to do but i hate the scarfs and banners that i had originally - already done Man Utd and just done spurs , plus im trying to play the game at same time .. lol