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  1. Formula

    Squad numbers ?

    sorted it now
  2. Formula

    Squad numbers ?

    It seems my squad number on the 3d kits have disappeared , i've used the in game editor to redo them even started a new game still no squad numbers on the players shirt on the pitch , only happened today - i updated my graphic card driver today only thing i can think of if that may have affected it but then i've also started a new game so i dont know anyone got an idea
  3. im really trying to understand the basics , i hadn't played FM for 6 years till a fortnight ago , i wish the guy who created this would pop on and clear a few issues i have and maybe i have a better understanding what the configuration of the fm.xml does , there is plenty of info but more i read and see it confuses me a little - i would like to think there should be no limit of clubs with video ads so long as you assign a number tot he ad that isnt already taken by another club which i did for the Man U add above then place the line in the fm.xml with the others assigned to that club - i had a look at the config file of the original creator jeff what his name robberts i think , where are all these guys hiding and its totally different
  4. after more messing around , i have champions league video ad play away from home , not tested home as i haven't a match coming up yet but my standard home ads are running to
  5. now i cant even recreate the screenshot i made , can someone upload their fm.xml file so i can compare it with mine and what team you support so i can see what happens
  6. either im going stupid or its only the replay that is showing my custom video adds for the champions league , i will check again next time im playing that competition , should be soon as im still in the group stages pics 1 to 3 are video ads from my own custom video ads for man utd then 4 and 5 seem to be the ones i did for the champions league , like i said it either im going stupid because im sure they wasnt playing in the actual game , i will check - like i said this is work in progress me making ads and videos , ive had to learn how to work the new software then encode then sort all the images , haven't got the ads with fancy effects on like the other guy did, but what i have got ive added effects with what the software allows me to until i lean that fully . thought the banners looked more realistic being made myself and im updating video ads from games i see on TV , ideally working my way through the premiership and competitions ads when i get the hang of it and time so i will be posting more
  7. they are not showing for me , i have made a custom home video add for man utd , but when i play at home in the champions league the video add is the same as for home games the one i set for my team playing at home , i want to know the configuration how the game pics a video to what competetion your in a, ive done a few video adds but i cant share them till i know if they work and i cant get them to work when playing in that competition
  8. Anyone know if its possible to play a champions league video add when playing in that competition at home or away then back to domestic league video , basically configure the xml to show the video add to what competetion your in without losing the domestic league video ad when not playing in a different competition
  9. Formula

    Video ads ?

    by the way if anyone knows any other forums that is dedicated to skinning and active leave a message
  10. Formula

    Video ads ?

    nevermind the actual download custom club banners had duplicate folders in it , so it was stopping the videos for competitions to show
  11. Formula

    Video ads ?

    anyone know of a better forum that people actually reply to questions on skinning ?
  12. Formula

    Video ads ?

    ive been struggling trying to edit the XML file which locate or tell FM which video to fetch , ive seen the tutorials and ive seen tutorials that dont match what i was reading before which has left me confused , what i want is for instance playing with Man Utd i have my own video add to display for normal matches ie premier league matches but now i want another video ad to play when im playing a champions league game at home . i must have restarted FM manager 2018 a million times each time i try to config the xml file , so i thought i would ask for some advice here now as im a bit lost now , so any help would be appreciated im using the custom club banners and fan ad boards mod developed by strangerthankindness - i just need to see it written down then i can move on and sort more video ads to exactly know where to edit and what to write so the game pics it up
  13. Thought i would add to the collection ive made some extra static board ads and video ads for Man Utd , hope you like them i named the video file ad the same as the original to save editing the fm.xl just replace it in the correct video ads folder for Man Utd and likewise for the static boards. link to the file is here http://www.mediafire.com/?4uhdbbznqwnww
  14. Formula

    Changing News feed picture FM18

    Hello and thanks for the reply im using the standard base skin included in the game so there is no visible files i can see , skin folder is empty , this tool extractor i cant find on steam on downloaded content on steam , what default files do i copy , what skin do i use ? im all clueless how do i do it .. lol
  15. Hello , old time gamer here not played FM for years and i would thought i would fire the game up again , now i know changing background and logo's etc go in the graphics folder but what about the screens that dont seem to have a folder or picture visible in the file locations ? i want to change the news feed photo to a custom one of my own choosing , so how would i go about it or is it possible on FM2018 - ive seen a similar thread on here but it was for FM17 and he was referring to folder i do not have like dynamic and web articles folder - so is this possible in FM18 any help appreciated thank you