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  1. what are you using 2019 or 2018 , because this was done for 2018 im not to sure if this will work the way it does on 2019 and also i said previously , the locations of the add boards will change when stadiums expand ,s o its an uphill task all the time because of a stadium expands then the numbers are out of sequence again then you have to redo that stadium and fill in the blanks and im not updating anything this was for my own personal use and i don't like your tone either as though i owe you something and then criticizing what i spent a lot of time on stupid , so i will be pulling the files and keeping any changes to myself in future
  2. and if you follow the rest of the thread i say differently , the way the xml works is if you have a liverpool video add that will show at home all the time no matter what competitions , the teams that do not have a video add assigned will play the relevant competition on the video adds , thoise teams who have no ad banners assigned will show the relevant competition your playing in
  3. you have to play away from home , because the home video add take over any other add - the european teams dont have an add allocated so will show champions league
  4. no false flag im afriad , only way to get a sort of champions league video add is when you play away in the champions league
  5. i did say i was going to release this file if there was enough interest , i haven't got FM 2019 so unsure if this will work with it , this pack is totally different file structure to strangerthankindness version , so if you want to give it a go i would suggest moving your original pack somewhere safe - this is mainly for UK football as ive not done anything with European teams but like i said the file structure is very different meaning the xml will be too - i've uploaded the files so you can just drop the files in corresponding folders you already have on the PC - if this is any use to you strangerthankindness feel free to incorporate or use - i will keep the link going for a few months http://www.mediafire.com/file/4mycaua0gua5t9a/Custom_Ads_and_Video%27s.rar/file
  6. well just finishing off another team i must of done about 30 teams with new stadium background ads , and generic ads for the animated boards , i said i was going to do the premiership and championship but i'm going to leave it as what i've done now at the moment , if there's enough interest i will release what i have but the xml file had been overhauled and the file locations have been to , to me making it much simple to organise and use - so if people want it give me a shout on this post but remember you will have to organise the file structure as i have done in the xml , plus its a bit of a catch 22 as the ordering of number ads will change if the stadium expands , so you will have rearrange them again
  7. thanks i will have a look through them for video ads , but i think all of them are in this download , managed to sort the xml again by manually adding back done about 30 clubs with more realistic stadium view static adds , done some championship clubs to but just going to play the game and then who ever gets promoted do them for now , playing with an english team is better not to do the foreign teams as they only way you meet them is in competitions so the generic ads i set for competitions will cover those stadium and video ads
  8. good stuff , well i dont know whats gone wrong with mine , looks like im gonna have to manually redo the xml again and try that because copying pasting from the one that doesn't work isnt working - my xml must of been corrupted somewhere along the line
  9. well thats me out after hours of work the video ads and the static ads have stopped working , have they updated fm2018 with a patch or something , thiers no reason why they should have stopped
  10. on the other hand im in the middle of doing chelsea's ground and i only see 45 images not alot of ad boards for a big stadium there might be a few more right at the top i dont know as the camera doesn't reach that far up
  11. did liverpool's stadium yesterday on the third image you will see you'll never walk alone on the upper 3rd tear those numbers were not visible only at a certain camera angle when the ball went high enough , this stadium took 122 images
  12. for some reason number 1 gets repeated no matter how many images you have , some numbers appear in random order and some number dont actually follow in order and some are missing in order for example i could have number 1 to 122 in ad boards dotted around the stadium so i can see where they are positioned and maybe upto number 80 will be used but maybe 76 or 40 or 34 is never there
  13. if you can only see 45 and some repeated that means you haven't enough number ads in the integer list and file location , usually the only repeated number is 1 maybe another but usually its the 1 that repeated , add another 20 numbers both in the integer list and file location part of the xml
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