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  1. I know the maker isn't feeling too good at them moment so this request is for when your back upto speed! the current player attributes screen is ok if its your own player or one that's been scouted extensively. but if note the panel is a bit squashed I've tried giving it a go and asked in another thread but I know ill make a hash of it so Ill leave it to the experts. I have attached the image so you can get my drift Best regards Stuart
  2. Hi guys never done skinning in my life but id like to slightly amend the attached screenshot I want to make the attributes panel longer and the comparison shorter (Length) I know you have to edit the player attributes panel inside the skin but not sure what to add/ remove in the current panel currently it looks a bit squashed Best regards in advance Stuart
  3. Superb work indeed hope your feeling better soon your health is more important
  4. Cheers mate I'm sure you'll be updating in due course !
  5. Michael Just a quick one ! Will the manager profile pic mod work from fm18 in the beta ? regards in advance
  6. Thanks for replying Michael im useless when it comes to stuff like this My understanding is you need to open the relative xml file with notepad and look for And the height of the bottom part is controlled by this code: <!-- RIGHT - BOTTOM ADJUST DEFAULT_HEIGHT VALUE TO RESIZE--> <container class="bordered_box" minimum_height="1" priority="4" default_height="380"> this is what I have which xml with I find what im looking sorry thanks for your patience shouldn't really do it as a novice but its been my pet hate for a while best regards
  7. Hi Michael im wanting to make some adjustments to the in-between match highlights panels could you point me in the right direction to do that. Massive regards in advance
  8. Id like to be able to customize the Youth intake screen. Currently when going into World > World . All Transfers > Youth Intake you get the Date Name And Club and in the filters is just the Nations. Why not be able to customise this like the Squad screen etc this should be easy to implement.
  9. Hi Neil i have been using custom facepacks, logos since early access and had no problems. I havent tried without the graphics but as every thing as been fine through early access 18.1.0 18.1.1 etc etc should that have an affect ? Im away from my laptop at the moment but ill try and report back my findings. Best regards Stuart
  10. Hi guys just updated and in my first game I encountered a crash dump (see title) ive attached my Dxdiag: Best regards in advance Stu DxDiag.txt
  11. Hi Guys is there any point me updating my current: * Custom Views * Shortlists * Filters On FM17 in preparation to transfer to FM18 Beta/Full Game I'm sure last year the above didn't work on the Beta but did on Full game release can anyone clarify this will be the case again this year.? Best Regards In Advance
  12. Hi folks can you import your tactic files, Squad views, filters etc from FM16 into FM17. Best regards in advance
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