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  1. Hello.In this message, I am writing again with a small expectation that I can get an answer.I bought the latest series, of course.I like fm so much that I can make and distribute 2D, 3D uniform data through Fm view and sortitouis.What I'm curious about is FM08.It's a simple question. Please help me.1. Person list table.xmlThis panel, it's going to be similar to the personal properties of the current series.I want to know the identity of Hidden's ability, such as the frequency of injuries, the performance of important matches, and the degree of argument.In addition, I understand that the potential ID is PPAB. I wonder if it is equipped so that it cannot be checked because it is exposed through modification of the skin in the game.That's all. Please help me.
  2. While playing 18, I am studying again about my favorite version of version 08. And in the meantime, I've got a question, but I don't think there's much to ask because it's an old version. 1. "Person list table.xml" extracted with 08 Archiver (part of current version of "properties") 2. "Person list table.xml" in panel made by past 08 skin makers By comparing these two things, I found a direct way to see the hidden stats(ppro, ppre, pspo, ptem, pada, ..), in-game. (* ppro: professional , pspo : sportsmanship ..) The above values are the same as the current version of properties, but I think the id was different, including the import matches, frequency of injury,, etc I wonder if anyone knows about this.
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