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  1. I just want to thank for the support and for the fast responses to my problems with the game because in many developers of other games, many times the support is extremelly bad and here you are very good. It´s good to see that you have respect for the consumers. To finalyse, I in last days I play the game and I don´t have more freezes, I tried some things like to desactivate my antivirus when I play and I do other thing that could be the main reason for no more freezes that is the fact I change a option in the preferences, I changed in "rendering mode", GPU mode to Software. Now the game is more faster and fluid, and more important doesn´t have crashes.
  2. I´m using Avast Free Antivirus but in Football Manager 2015 that was the last Fm that I play before Fm 2017, never gave me problems.
  3. The game froze again but now doesn´t automatically exit to desktop, I have to shut down the pc in the button on/off. I have no more ideas to solve this problem, this is very dissapointing. DxDiag File sended again DxDiag.txt
  4. Yes, the NVidia card is set as the default and like you say I unintall now the driver completely and reinstall it. Now I have to begin a save and see if I continue to have these freezes in game then I will give feedback, thanks.
  5. I purchased the game if I´m not wrong in April of this year and I start the game properly whithout problems, I begin a save and play normally. But sometimes the game freezes and I can´t move my mouse arrow and 1 or 2 seconds later suddenly the game closes. I can play the game for example 2 days whithout problems and then I can have this problem, other times I play a week and the game freezes again. This happens to me in various circumstances, either I´m clicking in a player to see the profile, simulating a game, etc. I have done all the stuff to resolve this, clear cache, preferences , playing whithout any extras in the game like others databases or logos, kits... I update direct x, everything. I try to play once in windowed mode and later the game freeze, I put low settings and happens the same. If you can help me please, I would appreciate, thanks I send a dxDiag file too. DxDiag.txt
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