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  1. What I see I don't like but I ignore the cause: - Pass instead of shot - Shot instead of pass - Cross instead of pass - Cross instead of shot - Shot instead of cross - Don't tackle - Don't press - 2 or more player going for the same ball - 2 or more players going for the same opponent - Miss chances - Miss headers - Miss tackles - Pass the ball to the opponent - Don't move when they are pressed - Don't pass the ball when they are pressed - Don't hoof the ball when they are pressed - Don't fight for the ball - Bodyguard opponents - Don't follow opponents - Don't make fouls when needed
  2. What if that is precisely the problem? Like I said in my opening post, I watch matches and I don't see what is wrong. There must be an alternative, something else I can do instead. The more I watch matches, the more confused I am. My problem is I can't identify problems watching matches. If I could, I wouldn't be here posting, in all honesty.
  3. I watch matches. I don't see what's wrong. HOnestly, If I was able to see what is going wrong I wouldn't be here posting, I would be trying to fix it. It's been one entire year now since the collapse started. I can even identify the match. What specifics do you need? My tactic? Actually, it doesn't matter. It happens with any tactic but I can post it: gk fb.su cd.de cd.de fb.at wm.at cm.su cm,de wm-su am.at cf..su No instructions (still on fm18) My defense is brutally leaky (39 goals conceded in 23 matches) when before the collapse it was excellent (26 goals conceded in 39 matches). I'm scoring more. Before the collapse I was somewhat able to move my defensive line up and down to intercept attacks. Now, it really doesn't matter.
  4. That's the question. I start a save. Win matches. Even titles. Seasons go by. Random moment. Collapse. Frustrated. Disappointed. Disattached to the save. Restart. Again and again. I want to stop this circle but I don't know how. I watch matches. I don't see what's wrong. Play another match. Lose. Play another. Lose. Ocasional win. No consistency. leaky defense. I don't know what causes my defeats so I can't even think about posible solutions because I don't know what my problem is. WHAT CAN I DO?
  5. Sort of agree. Everyone can play the game how he/she want because its purpose is to have fun. However, the point stands. If we all agree FM tries to replicate football, this kind of things should be adressed with urgency, before adding more complexity and unusual tactical options. It's not logical to have IWB (which is fine, but a rare role that needs certain advanced knowledge) but then Ozil can perfectly play as a libero (something totally crazy). If you want to see Ozil playing as a libero, and doing it without causing a total defensive destruction in his own team, then FIFA is/should be a better game. It's specially surprising coming from you, someone who strongly wants the game to be more realistic and harder (legitimately). If anyone wants more realism and difficulty, step one should be severely punish Ozil playing as the last man before the gk or any other decisión that doesn't make the minor sense (Jordi Alba TM or Peter Crouch RPM). That's all I said, there is something seriously wrong.
  6. Fair enough. Would Ozil cause terrible defensive problems playing as the last defender of a team IRL? Obviously yes, under almost any circumstance, for sure as a base tactic. Does this happen in FM? If you set your roles and duties properly, no. As a simulator, a versión of reality, is FM representing Ozil playing libero role properly? No, because there is a severe divergence between RL and FM. Now, if you think playing Ozil in libero role is next big thing and nobody IRL realized yet because only you know better, fine. The alternative is a reality check. When someone asks if it's posible to play players in a familiar position but unfamiliar role, answering I use Ozil in libero role, it's know-it-all, arrogant, useless and missleading.
  7. Nobody said you cant't use players out of position but you need at least some decency in the atributes required. You can use a winger as a wingback but if his tackling, markin, positioning and bravery are 4 it's not going to be a great idea (he doesn't have the right atributes). It might work under very specific circumstances but as a base tactic it is definitively a bad idea. If you can't see this applies to Ozil playing as a central defender (that's the starting position of a libero), there is not much to say. He should have at least not absolutely terrible atributes, at least some physical atributes, defensive ethics or anything. Ozil playing libero should be a complete disaster, imagine him against a player trying to beat the offside trap, he would always be wrong positioned allowing him to score all the time. It's very obvious. You could play Pogba (at least he is strong and fast), Pirlo, even De Bruyne.. they are not cb but at least have some defensive intelligence, positioning, something… But Ozil? Really Ozil? Slow, weak, no work ethics, no defensive intelligence… And he has nobody but the GK behind! Anyone can claim on the contrary, but it doesn't make the minor sense. This kind of decisión should be severly punished by the ME, the same would happen IRL. Otherwise, there is something seriously wrong, admit it or not.
  8. If any team playing Ozil as a defender (even if a very specific role like libero) wins any match, there is something seriously off here. A libero is a defender, yes, a very attacking and creative defender, but a cb after all, so he needs to tackle, head... DEFEND (he is a defender!!).
  9. Actually, it's the opposite. If every manager could take always perfect decisions, matches would be won or lost due to quality of players. As a consequence, quality differences would increase and for poor teams would be imposible to rise to the top. You can do better, if you want...
  10. I don't know how to read and use this information. That's my problem, actually.
  11. It really doesn't matter the tactic. Neither the roles. There is no fundamental flaw in the tactics. It's just a matter of adjusting against opposition. I've just won a match 2-1 but it was a complete disaster and I can't tell you why. I really don't know what happened. I play a 4411 with a winger (right) and besides him a RPM. There was a lot of space between both because the winger was wide (fine) and RPM was moving (roaming, thats his role) too much. Winger was totally out of the game, imposible to pass the ball to him. I changed my righ fb to IWB but then I saw my RPM and IWB on top of each other, so changed IWB back to fb and RPM to Mezzala so he could connect better with the winger and use the space he was creating staying wide. Ok, here my ideas end. I didn't see anything else particularly noticeable but still, all passes were intercepted or missplaced, everywhere on the pitch. My defenders were like ghosts, trespassed by the opponents. It's not about the results, they are fine, I'm not going to complain about them, it's about understanding what's going on in front of my eyes. There was an obvious problem, anyone could easily see there was something off in this match, but I couldn't find out what. By the way, still on fm18, I tried fm19 and didn't like what they did to tactics, but it's just my taste.
  12. Unfortunately, this is the kind of post you experts expect Will help people but it really doesn't. I'll try to explain it... I perfectly know how I want my team to play, how I want my players to move, where I want the ball to go. I know what I want. What I don't know is why my players stop following my instructions. Why my winger starts cutting inside instead of running wide (no, please, I checked player traits). There is a reason why this kind of things happen. You are able to identify the cause and fix it. Me (we) not. Why opponents start running at twice the pace of mine? Sure this description is wrong because somewhat under the Hood there is something going on but I don't know what. I don't know where context starts and ends. Why my WP doesn't move to central positions offering an extra man in midfield and hence another passing option? Why he stays wide? I know my system I specifically used this role for this reason. I know what I expect to happen. What I don't know is why it doesn't happen. Is an issue related to player atributes? Ok, I'd like to hear it from you, identifying which specific attribute (or group of atributes) is causing it. Sometimes, I can't even isolate events I don't like because there is nothing I like. Why my players always choose the worst option available? Just a bad day? Every week? I can't tell you what the ME considers a realistic passing option. I know what a passing option is, but does the ME agree? What we need are specific examples of events in the ME that have an specific meaning. How to know if the defensive line is too high or too Deep (no please, general descriptions, no, concrete examples, with visual description). This is not about understanding a system, it's about understanding what the ME is trying to show! Threads explain basic concepts, how to understand a system and then Rashidi's videos explain very advanced tactical concepts and how are they reflected in the ME. But there must be an intermediate point. I don't want to play with 2 inverted wingbacks overloading the middle while my mezzala and WP swap positions (random example)… I'd like to know why my WP or winger don't move how their roles, atributes and player traits indicate. I really hope you get the idea. I honestly hope it. Visual descriptions of tactical flaws, identifying the cause and how to fix it. Is this spoonfeeding? At least, not more than telling people they need a plan or a holding midfielder… I really hope you undestand what I try to explain.
  13. While I agree sometimes the game is missleading, If the tactical, ME and visual representation are fine or not is another subject. Sure there is room for improvement but I'd like to read the ME and play the game we have now. If they do, there is no reason why we can't.
  14. Agree, but I specifically asked why WBIB and PIS are contradictory instructions. If it is a good idea or not to use PIS with or without WBIB is another subject.
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