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  1. First time I came here i had just one purpose: tackle my issues with FM. Three years later, despite all kind of efforts, I'm more or less at the same point. No progress. I guess this sums up. After a while in this fórums, my purpose changed. I wasn't only interested in tackling my issues, I wanted to be part of the community. I wanted to contribute with my opinions, participate in discussions, offer my view… But in order to do that, I had to gain knowledge because I felt my understanding was far away the mínimum level needed. @herne79 you must remember this because I specifically told you several times. I just wanted to be part of the communtiy. The last time, you banned me. I even offered you not to post, start from scratch.. It was a long message. Your answer was a ban. Permanent. I don't have particularly anything against you @herne79. Even when you know what happened that was non intended for my eyes… If you don't remember, I do. It was only one month after signing up here and you already wanted me to leave. Something broke that day and I think is the root cause of everything. It feels very bad when you want to be part of something and people are forcing you away not because you are doing something wrong on purpose but because you don't understand. I know people tried to help me and I've repeated many many times how thankful I am but unfortunately nothing worked to make me understand things. What you want me to do? I can't do it better. Ok, giving up is an alternative. I could have stopped posting and giving up playing but I really wanted to be part of the community. I find this site fantastic and discussions are amazing. I wanted to be able to follow them. I couldn't. That lead me to frustration and sometimes it made me act and look like someone who I'm not. Add to this the language. You closed a thread because I didn't understand a sentence. 2 years later I still ignore what I missunderstood. Do you know how difficult is for me to communicate? It's not easy to follow a written discussion with many people participating in a language you struggle to communicate. It's not an excuse, it's a fact. I felt very very ofended when people said I was ignoring advice. I never ignored anything, never, never. I did everything I was told. People just didn't believe I couldn't see or understand certain things. I couldn't do better but I never ignored anything. You say I only take take take. I tried to add, I really tried but you among others told me to shut up because everything I said was wrong. It was completely ad hominem. I tested it. I repeated one piece of adviece you gave someone and when you saw I said it you immediately told everyone how wrong I was. For saying the same you did. I can understand saying the same things over and over can be tiring and repetitive but what can I do if my questions remain the same? My teams collapse, always, invariably. It's what happens despite @Svenc theory it's just me restarting. It really doesn't matter if I restart or not: my team collapses and being unable to turn things around it's caused by my total unability. I don't care about winning I want to learn. If I deserve the sack, I sack myself, I don't care what the board thinks. Sure I made mistakes and I apologize again if anyone was ofended. I did my best, I couldn't do it better, not because it was not posible but because I don't have the ability. I'm really disappointed when you think about @looping it comes to your mind words like words like deceitfull and selfish. I can't fit in my mind how things went so terribly wrong here. It's really sad. I'm really sad I couldn't be part of this community. It feels very bad when you want to be part of something and people are forcing you away but there is nothing I can do now. At the end, like Groucho said, I don’t want to belong to any club that would accept me as one of its members. I wish you all the best in all paths of life. I hope next time I'll do it better.
  2. Truth be told, my overall results are more than aceptable. Problem is I'm too often outplayed (and beaten) by weak teams I should easily win or better teams simply destroy me. My judgement is good enough to know there is something I could and should be doing better but not enough to find out what. Now, you are right this thread is going nowhere, at least until today. I'll try to use a different approach in the future. Feel free to lock this thread if that's your judgement or keep it open if you think we/I can bring it to something constructive. I Will eventually open a new one or post again in here. In any case, with a different approach.
  3. I offered to post matches. If anyone would do me this favour...
  4. It happens in every save, with any team, any players, any tactic. It's completely predictable when the downturn starts and when it ends. Suddenly, my players refuse to act like human beings and perpetrate typical of simian perfomances. All of sudden, they remember they are footballers and we win matches again.
  5. I don't use any instruction because when using them I don't see any difference. I know what they mean, I don't see what they mean happening on the pitch. I don't see shorter (or more direct) passing. I don't see WBIB, I see the same crosses and long shots. I don't see passing into space (I see the same risky passes). It's not negative, it's realistic. I can tell you when my team starts to collapse. All I can do is wait until things turn around, which can last weeks, months or even years.
  6. I can't believe I have to make this clear... Anyone can see a missplaced pass or a missed tackle but this is the effect, not the cause. I obviously don't know what is wrong because I can't identity what is causing all I said. Why passes go to nobody? Why not tackling? Why not moving? And the answer is not watch a match because I'm already doing it and nothing. As long as I don't know what is causing what, i can't fix anything. If I can't identify the cause there is nothing I can do.
  7. So, if I don't know why my team wins or losses there is nothing I can do a part from watching matches? If I can't watch a match and see what's wrong, there is no hope for me?
  8. Would you watch a match for me and tell me what you see?
  9. My players are trespassed, don't move or, even worse, they move away from opponents. Why they don't tackle? How am I supposed to find out? No retorics here, how am I actually supposed to know what's going on if all that happens is my players not making a movement? My shots are from angled positions, impossiblle shots, when there is no reason to do so. Why they don't cross like they used to do during 2 seasons? Why they stopped crossing? Why are they now shoting?
  10. What I see I don't like but I ignore the cause: - Pass instead of shot - Shot instead of pass - Cross instead of pass - Cross instead of shot - Shot instead of cross - Don't tackle - Don't press - 2 or more player going for the same ball - 2 or more players going for the same opponent - Miss chances - Miss headers - Miss tackles - Pass the ball to the opponent - Don't move when they are pressed - Don't pass the ball when they are pressed - Don't hoof the ball when they are pressed - Don't fight for the ball - Bodyguard opponents - Don't follow opponents - Don't make fouls when needed
  11. What if that is precisely the problem? Like I said in my opening post, I watch matches and I don't see what is wrong. There must be an alternative, something else I can do instead. The more I watch matches, the more confused I am. My problem is I can't identify problems watching matches. If I could, I wouldn't be here posting, in all honesty.
  12. I watch matches. I don't see what's wrong. HOnestly, If I was able to see what is going wrong I wouldn't be here posting, I would be trying to fix it. It's been one entire year now since the collapse started. I can even identify the match. What specifics do you need? My tactic? Actually, it doesn't matter. It happens with any tactic but I can post it: gk fb.su cd.de cd.de fb.at wm.at cm.su cm,de wm-su am.at cf..su No instructions (still on fm18) My defense is brutally leaky (39 goals conceded in 23 matches) when before the collapse it was excellent (26 goals conceded in 39 matches). I'm scoring more. Before the collapse I was somewhat able to move my defensive line up and down to intercept attacks. Now, it really doesn't matter.
  13. That's the question. I start a save. Win matches. Even titles. Seasons go by. Random moment. Collapse. Frustrated. Disappointed. Disattached to the save. Restart. Again and again. I want to stop this circle but I don't know how. I watch matches. I don't see what's wrong. Play another match. Lose. Play another. Lose. Ocasional win. No consistency. leaky defense. I don't know what causes my defeats so I can't even think about posible solutions because I don't know what my problem is. WHAT CAN I DO?
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