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  1. Whatever is happening to @jujigatame, I'm not sure is tactical related. Unless using a terrible tactic, which doesn't seem the case according to his previous results, teams perform, at least, according to the quality of their players. That doesn't mean you can't have a mediocre season or a bad run but seeing the sack because he didn't adapt would be weird, if his basic tactic is decent.
  2. Step 1: Check if your tactic is balanced. You can ask in the tactics forum. Step 2: If your tactic is balanced, the run Will stop the same it started. Praise your players a bit, hold a team meeting and play. Just wait and be patient.
  3. This is weird. The more defensive AI plays, the more goals I concede. And I'm not taking about counterattacks with my team exposed due to an overaggressive tactic. I'm talking about the AI moving the ball, passing it, dragging my defenders out of position and finding CCC. If I then go park the bus too, the match becomes crazy with lots of chances for both. How different can this game be for each of us.
  4. I know what the game says about this attribute but I'm not sure how it actually impacts to player performances, specially if it's low. A player with a low natural fitness, I guess: - Won't stay fit if injured (any player does?) - Won't stay fit if he doesn't train (any player does?) - His physical atributes Will decrease dramatically past 30 years old. - More prone to injuries - Tired during matches - Tired between matches As a consequence, would you sign this player? I'm really worried about his natural fitness. If he had the same atributes but bravery 6 I wouldn't sign him. I never sign players with low bravery. I'm not sure what to do if natural fitness is that low.
  5. Thanks for your interest but this is not my thread. I may open a new one despite I'm still on fm18. Anyway, I could post 10 different tactics and never no tactic works the way I want. I could tell you how my wingers start cutting inside, my dlf try to beat the offside trap instead of coming ddeep to collect the ball or my playmakers take long shots for no apparent reason. That doesn't mean my results are bad (are okay) because, fortunately, you don't need that ability to win in fm. All I said is I find admirable how you can interve in the match and turn things around because it's virtually imposible for me.
  6. I want to build patiently from the back but my cb hoof the ball. I check their atributes: passing, vision, technique, composure, decisions… They are more than ok, far better than other teams average. I check if they have passing options and they certainly have, at least one fb alone, one cm coming to collect the ball and the gk behind. I tell them yo play out the defense, pass short, kill risky passes... They keep hoofing the ball. It's frankly admirable how you guys can interve in the match and change things. Fact is you don't need to do that to win matches and trophies but it's somewhat a mistery for me how you do it.
  7. The game is more random than you think. Unless you cheat/distort the ME with magical tactical settings (if it's not the same…) there is not much room for improvement in your tactic. I'd suggest accept sometimes you will lose and there is nothing you can do. Forget about IWB and forget about understading what is happening on the pitch. Just play and have fun with your already sound tactics.
  8. So we have (even) more useless and cosmetic buttons to press but the 3 strikers thing is not fixed... Good to know before buying fm19.
  9. I would NEVER use this formation. If I have to choose, then I'll say 3rd, but I'd use a df-s, not a TM-a.
  10. Forget about tactics. Just use a default one, change all auto duties to support and play. If your team doesn't, at very least, perform near to the quality of your players, then you are doing something wrong, but it's not your tactics, it's something else. You don't need to do anything particularly smart to overachieve. Sign better players and wait. It's more about patience than talent.
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