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  1. Finally I started a career with Lucchese with this formation and tactics: For the first three friendly it was good, but in the domestic Cup...no: Some experiences: - our defense play too wide, but HB move back nicely - WB's sometimes drop on the Wingers Now you see the base, so you can advise for me something what you think is useful.
  2. I have started reading a book about Erbstein Ernő's life who was the trainer of the Grande Torino. He used a special Metodo tactic at his early teams (Bari, Nocerina, Cagliari and Lucchese). What do you think about my formation; is this effective in FM 18? Can the Mezzala's replace the classic IF-s? Which team/player instructions should I use? Which shape and mentality? I'm waiting for your replys and suggestions.
  3. I play on Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (T585) which has 10 inch display. Sometimes it's is also too small so I only advice the 10 inch.
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