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  1. Not had a lot of time so still trying to get Marine or Warrington to the Conference North so I can manage them. Been doing it for the last hour now.....
  2. Wanting to give this a try with Marine but never seem to appear after the first season! Will keep trying but may have to go with Warrington as they have managed to come up every time so far!
  3. Parts for the computer that were imported stuck with customs, they said I could cancel which I did but still won't give me my money back despite having everything in writing! It's in the hands of the credit card company now, takes 60 days to sort out via credit card people!
  4. Just a heads up, if anybody has followed this thread and thought the PC Tek offer was good then avoid at all costs. Paid my money and was told delivery in seven days, when this was up had an Email saying it would be another 4 weeks so cancelled and now chasing my mney back from them and keep getting promises that they keep breaking! Paid on a credit card so should be ok!
  5. Thanks, not sure which edition it is asI cannot remember to be honest. Not bothering with overclocking. Picked that one as I have around £580 ish to spend and that is the best I have found. Only really play FM these days as other things tend to get in the way! Would this be a better bet if I can strech my funds a bit - AMD Piledriver FX-6 Six Core 6300 Black Edition 3.50Ghz Memory- 2 X 4GB DDR3 1600Mhz Memory Graphics AMD Radeon RX460 2GB Motherboard GIGABYTE GA-970A-DS3P
  6. Hi, Looking at getting a new PC and thinking of the following - Processor - AMD FX-6300 x6 Graphics - 2 GB Geforce GT1050 Ram - 8GB DDR 1600 (though I could stretch to 12gb if it would make a difference) This enough do you think for decent 3D graphics on FM17 with around 10 leagues top loaded? Spending just short of £600 on all the above for the base unit inclluding Windows 10. Thanks in advance.
  7. B team cannot be promoted to the same league as the main side. If the main team were relegated to the league the B team were in, then the B have to drop down a league.
  8. I was getting rejected from every job I applied for as well, but since the update a day or so ago this problem seems to have been fixed now I think? It seems to be ok on my save game anyway and I'm actually getting job offers again.
  9. Thanks, will look forward to getting some FM14 game time in over my Christmas break :-)
  10. Is this for saved games and other related data and not the activation key? If so I never got that far with my old set-up on FM14 as it was far to slow, hence the upgrade which is solely for FM!
  11. Not sure if this is the right thread or not (sorry if it's not!). I bought FM2014 couple of weeks ago (Box copy rather download) and activated it through Steam. Unfortunately due to speed (or lack of) of my computer I have hardly played it, as thought I would get my motherboard and processor upgraded. When I upgrade hardware I'm installing a more up to date operating system, so unsure of whether I will lose any current data on my PC- If I do will the same activation code work to install the game or will I have to get a new activation code to install? If so how do I get a new code?! Cheerrs TM
  12. Don't know if its already been mentioned but the shouts during the game (or could even put in in the main tactics bit) - Take a dive in Penalty area
  13. I would like to see 1) Set pieces - Sort of a chalk/wipe board thing where you can tell players where to stand for freekicks/corners and where to make runs to lose markers as the freekicks/corners are struck. 2) The chance to offer a long serving player a testimonial as part of his contract. 3) The chance to start the game (pprobably lower league only) as a vetaran 35y/o say player manager, with diminishing stats but say high influence and determination. 4) Games postponed at last minute due to weather, games abandoned due to bad weather making fixture pile ups 5) Substitutes - Rather than click the make change button the ability to click on your players in the sub box on the side of the pitch to tell them to get ready and then make the changes from there changes from there with the ability to interact with the players EG 'Give us a goal son' or something similar! 6) The chance to buy a young player from another club with the option to loan them back till the end of the season. Can't think of anything else for now!
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