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  1. Hi guys. Trying to take the reins of scouting more so at the moment and searched up some possible regen searching ideas. Is it possible to set scouts general country/region assignments looking more for first team players AND set loads of youth intake player scouting assignments or will I overload them and everything take an age? Do i need to leave some scouts free to deal with the player assignments? Thanks to any and all for any advice.
  2. Thanks Man. Really appreciate the quick reply. Gonna give some of your tactics a whirl over the next season. I'll let you know how they go. Thanks again.
  3. Hey, reading through a variety of your threads to try to catch up and develop a bit of understanding. I had some middling success with my own tactics as Millwall in the Championship (predicted finish of 21st but finished 8th), but have just experimented with your Beowulf 442 P05 tactic and really liked the way my team played (kind of what I had in mind when I set up my tactic but I was way too conservative). I do have some queries though if you have the time. 1. What do all the names signify or are they just random names? So far I have seen all these: Time, Midsomer, Blue Matter, Pilgrimage, Beowulf, Argus, Warpigs, Dynamic Diamond, Goodbye, Deep Sicilian Defence, MM Volante, Dark Side of the Moon, Stargazing, Route 66. (If there is an answer/FAQ for this somewhere please accept my apologies but I couldn't find it). 2. You posted this on one of your threads and I wondered if you could elaborate? Do you go for a home and away tactic and a SUS and then have some in game changes in mind (plan B and plan C, mentality changes?) if things don’t go to plan? 3. I am thinking of starting a Millwall save again and possibly going for 424 or 442 Beowulf home/favourites tactic and the 4222 DM Volante as an away/underdogs tactic. Does this sound like a good place to start (pre-season for trying them out too). Thanks very much for any assistance you can give this old dog trying to learn new tricks and keep up the good work – the effort you put in for this community is epic.
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