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  1. bennyj22

    FM19: Hidden Gems

    Yes they are regens.
  2. 3 striker formations are cheating. I tried it out and got to the FA cup semi-finals with a bloody Conference Team, beating 3 Premier League teams on the way, and pretty much breaking every record in football. It was fun, for a season. And not if every manager in the Premier League came together and planned West Ham tactics for a year would they be unbeaten in 20 games. So yes, it is clearly, blatantly unrealistic. And not by any small margin. But if you wan't to pretend otherwise, by all means.
  3. bennyj22

    FM19: Hidden Gems

    Sigurd Gronli looks like the very definition of a hidden gem. What kind of prices are you all getting him for?
  4. I would interpret Barcelona as more patient, build up tika taka. Where as Sarri, for instance, is more high tempo and vertical. Although I'm a relative amateur with tactics and may well be talking complete *****.
  5. bennyj22

    Cheapest place to buy FM19

    Does anyone know if the Voidu key is global? I'm a Brit currently living in South Africa and Steam always needs a global key when I buy from these kind of sites... :?
  6. bennyj22

    Your Beta Save for FM19

    Massive Salford city fan here. I am super worried about how the game will handle Salford's finances. Not only is Rooney on a 4K wage, but several others are on a 1K wage. Basically, their wage bill has maybe tripled since FM2018 (or at least doubled). What concerns me is that if the finances are not correct, you will spiral in to red faster that you can say Vanarama National League. Whilst I have no doubt that Peter Lim (principle owner) will come to rescue every time bankruptcy comes near, being permanently in the red makes facility upgrades impossible and will win you no points from the board. But the fact remains that Salford have a wage structure closer to a League 1 club - yet its fully backed and supported by all the owners. They are actually still investing and spending money. There is even a YouTube video you can watch where Gary Neville explains their financial commitments and how, in the long-run, it is even cheaper to massively invest now and climb the leagues quickly, as oppose to spending years in each league. Let me know how it goes?
  7. bennyj22

    Usain Bolt

    I think you'd be lucky to sprint 40m even 10 times in a football match. The maximum a footballer does is around 40 sprints in a game, and that is an elite in a position that requires constant explosive sprinting. There's been lot of research on this. So you kind of prove my point. You say you were a sprinter "end of story". Then you say you ran the 90 mins with a BMI of obese and didn't feel too bad after whilst, at the same time, you were able to outrun pacey wingers in the 89th minute? Well Usain Bolt is a sprinter, end of story, and I'm pretty sure he'd also outpace pacey wingers in the 89th minute. And that is my entire point - that fitness is a lot more fluid than people realise, and this compartmentalisation of fitness types is misleading.
  8. bennyj22

    Usain Bolt

    Well what do you think is more tiring: running 42km in 4 hours (a medium-paced amateur time) or 10km (the average professional footballer's distance covered) in 1h30? Also: 10km in 1h30 is 9km per an hour. Do you know how slow that is? I walk at 7km/h. Whilst there are obviously fluctuations in intensity, there are long periods of rest in football. So my point being - even at the highest level, football is hardly the most tiring sport. Difficult, incredibly bloody difficult. But in terms of "stamina" - a decently sports-orientated/fit/healthy person (particularly a world class athlete) would not be ruined after a match, and certainly wouldn't be exhausted after 15 minutes.
  9. bennyj22

    Usain Bolt

    There isn't actually a huge difference in fitness at that level. Granted some, but not as much as you might think. Humans are physiologically engineered to endure long distances. It's how we evolved - hunting for 10 hours at a time. For instance, I ran a marathon in under 4 hours the other week (in Cape Town) and I only go to the gym and play a bit of football with my mates over the weekend. If the average footballer runs 10km in a match... that's 10km in 90 mins, do you know how easy that is? To be able to do that requires the bare minimum of fitness levels. And also - "looking tired"? I don't think he looked that tired. I've seen premier league footballers sweating their tits off after 5 minutes also. After a burst of sprinting, everyone looks tired. That's not the same as being finished. And one footed with poor touch? Did we watch the same game? Usain is right footed, yet scored this beautiful second-touch left footed goal here - https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2018/oct/16/usain-bolt-offered-european-professional-football-deal-reports. (Scroll down for the clip).
  10. That is a nice resource. Thanks. However, I imagine similar resources won't emerge about FM 2019 until during the month of November. In fact, a quick googling of FM2018 shows a good deal of articles posted on the internet were made during the month of November 2017 and also the next month. There will also be a good deal immediate of tactical analysis posted on this forum I suspect.
  11. bennyj22

    Usain Bolt

    This could be a watershed moment for FM. For years we would be telling tales of Usain Bolt leading our non-league clubs to legend.
  12. bennyj22

    Usain Bolt

    So Bolt has apparently been offered a two-year contract with a professional European club.
  13. It's not so much a "cool" skin I'm looking for. The problem with the purple is that's it's trying to be cool and it comes off, well, anything but. I was just wandering if there will be a simple, basic option in the preferences. Conservative, digestible colour palettes, easy on eye.
  14. I know everyone has their tastes but I really don't dig the purple... :/
  15. bennyj22

    Defensive width

    I am only speculating here but one reason could be for those who play 3 at the back. A common complaint with 3 at the back is getting abused on the flanks by fast wingers. Perhaps being allowed to "spread" the defense could help with this.