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  1. If you use either of these roles in your tactics, which do you prefer and why?
  2. This is my experience also. Which means you are only adding to a player's training intensity for nothing.
  3. In FM2018 it was very rare (I found) for position retraining ever to have much success. Should I just ignore the suitability colour circle in favor of attributes only? For example a number of my CMs are "incompetent" as DMs, despite clearly having the necessary attributes. Should I just be ignoring that? Or supplementing individual training with position retraining?
  4. If teams regularly have 0 shots, what exactly are you countering? How do you play counter attacking football if you're also the unopposed super team? Wouldn't this imply possession football and the complete control/domination of games?
  5. Do you think it would matter much if I changed one of the wingers to an inverted winger? I love the 442 but I have two quality left-footed wingers and I would like to play them both. :/
  6. Do you mean easy to defend against? I'm thinking of making one IF a winger so as to make it all a little less one dimensional. Also, do you think I'm running a bit of a risk with higher wing backs? I thought positioning them there would aid in tiki taka triangle passes to the front. But would keeping the back four flat still produce a similar effect?
  7. Are you saying that you would advise against 2 inside forwards in this set-up?
  8. I'm using a 4141. DLF (s) IF (a) IF (a) BBM (s) BWM (s) WB (s) DLP (de) WB (s) CD (de) CD (de) SK (s) I'm wandering if having a box to box midfielder may be incongruent with the DLF as they may end up occupying the same space. Any thoughts on such a set up? (I'm trying to play vertical tiki taka football).
  9. About 1 in 2 contracts that I offer to players/staff do this. Basically, I offer a contract, all parties agree, but then I am unable to click con continue in the top right. It just says 'must respond' in the top right corner. When I click on that, it takes me back to the page saying that I've already offered a contract. It's an endless loop and there is no way out of it other than withdrawing the contract offer. But then of course, the player doesn't want anything to do with you after that. So on every save I lose out on almost half of the players and staff I'm interested in. This has been a persistent and consistent issue in all my saves.
  10. I think Neil is meant to be a stand out talent in his league. He's just been voted FAI Schools 'player of the year' for a second time. I think he's meant to have a lot of potential. However injury and his desire to finish his studies (he is a biomedical student) have stopped him from maybe hitting 'the big time'. I have heard rumors that he is wanted by English clubs, but yeah, he didn't want to leave yet. If anyone has anymore info on him, that could help shed some light. Edit: See this interesting article here - https://www.the42.ie/neil-farrugia-ucd-interview-4145919-Jul2018/ Edit II: In this interview with Off The Ball, the interviewer refers to him 'as probably the best player in the country' and 'the best dribbler in the history of Irish football'.
  11. Is it just how much he is on club radars? Or does it determine how a club values the player? Does it influence the players self-importance/valuation (i.e. where he may or may not play and how much wages he demands)?
  12. Damn. That's quite a bit out of my budget. Was hoping he would be cheaper than that. Isn't his starting value like 5k? Maybe if I waited a season I could get him cheaper.
  13. Looks very good. From Brondby right? How much did you pay for him?
  14. Say if I loan a player a bit out of my league (a top youngster from a top club who normally wouldn't think about transferring to me) and yet we become 'close' with regards to player/manager relationship. Would that influence any decision to possibly move to my club?
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