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  1. Have the following leagues are view only Brazil states second divisions England Non-Leabgue Highland League Spain division 3 Italy Serie D
  2. I really like the sound of that. I'm not much of a managing abroad person, so that would be perfect. I wouldn't mind if there would be no research done aswell, just to be able to see how the league is shaping up would be nice, even if it was all greys playing. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Why rolleyes?
  3. Now i know that Fm09 does not exist, but assusing that it will which leagues or division would you like them to include in the game. My List as Follows Wales Second Division Argentina Third Division Latvia Faroe Islands or San Marino Ghana Cameroon Canada Nigeria Perhaps the English Lower levels but they could be view only as well as the highland League What do you think
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