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  1. Hi @Muttley84, No it definitely looks like there is an issue there. It's not reproducing here, may I ask what Os you're running on? Looks like Windows 10? Would you mind exiting from the game, deleting your cache and relaunching please? Details on how to delete your cache are in the link below. Thanks Connor
  2. Hi @DavyDepuydt1, Thanks for the post. This is a known issue and is already under review I believe if you back out and return to the page it should work as a alternate fix for the time being. Thanks Connor
  3. Hi @KI Heynckes, Sorry to hear you are having this issue. We'd kindly ask you are patient when posting in the forums and not to expect an immediate response, be assured we will always investigate your issues. We currently can't get this to reproduce so ideally need some solid steps to reproduce the issue from you if at all possible. What exact time did you change the mentality? Was there anything specific you have done which may have triggered this? If you could drop your save in the link below and let me know the name of your save that would be great. https://oc.sigames.com/owncloud/index.php/s/Kzvhd0MdU3v4Nv4 Thanks Connor
  4. Hi @Robo2012, Yes we are aware of this issue. Thanks Connor
  5. Hi all, I believe we should have a potential fix out for this in the latest update. @uroszila it may be worth firing and hiring a new assistant manager to see if this fixes the issue. If you guys could let me know how that goes it would be really appreciated! Thanks Connor
  6. Hi @Musestar, Thanks for providing your feedback. The issues you have noted are ongoing issues we are aware of and we are working towards potential fixes Thanks Connor
  7. Hi @synbitset, Thanks for raising this. We'll investigate internally and get bugs logged for our development team if necessary. Thanks Connor
  8. Hi @dpt8544, Thanks for raising this. You'll be pleased to know we are already aware of this issue and the dev team will apply a fix in a future update Thanks Connor
  9. Hi @gh0st, What you need to do to prevent users from joining your save is go to the FM drop down>preferences. Then click "Online game preferences". You will then be provided with a drop down saying "Allow users to join your game" which you should either change to No or friends only Hope this helps. Thanks Connor
  10. Hi @Cometdude, do you have a save just prior to the inbox message being generated. If so, would you mind dropping in the link below? https://oc.sigames.com/owncloud/index.php/s/Kzvhd0MdU3v4Nv4 Thanks Connor
  11. Hi @eencae, Thanks for raising this. I'll double check to ensure this isn't by design but fairly certain there is a bug there. Thanks Connor
  12. Hi @smokeyhillstreet, Apologies if I have got this wrong, but there was no ability to change intensity in FMT19 either as I believe this was an FM-Specific feature. You may want to head over to our feature requests forum if you would like to see it in future versions of the game Thanks Connor
  13. Hi @rafaelbenitez, Thanks for the post. The nationality of the manager is displayed on the "Head Coach Profile" screen, top left hand corner next to the manager face profile The favourite club isn't displayed on this screen but is stored under the hood. Thanks Connor
  14. Hi @eencae, Thanks for raising this. Looks as though you are on the development>Training screen? Am I correct? Would you mind letting me know what resolution you're playing in as the issue doesn't seem to be reproducing here. Thanks Connor
  15. Hola, somos conscientes de estos problemas y estamos trabajando para posibles soluciones. Gracias por tu publicación y mantente atento en futuras actualizaciones.
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