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  1. Hi both, Sorry to hear you are having issues. Glad to hear yours is fixed though @abu645. @SamG_LCFC is the IGE still non-functional for you? Did this appear after the most recent update? Thanks, Connor
  2. Hi @haforn13, It's likely for this game mode you have clicked 'Yes' on optimising the touchscreen and then also ticked "Don't show this message again". If you do not have a machine optimised for touch screen, this will cause the loop you have described. To fix this, please use the below link which shows you how to delete your cache Then please ensure to tick "no" if you click the "Don't show this message again". Let me know if this doesn't fix the issue at all, but fairly certain that is what you are describing! Thanks, Connor
  3. Hi @blejdek, As above, the keyboard shortcuts should take you back to the tactics screen
  4. Hi @Andrew_Goats_Gruff, As a football simulation game one of our main aims is to strive for realism. It is a big part of what a large amount of people love about our game. In terms of work permits, the rules should be described to you within your save, letting you know how you can sign the players you want based on a point system - you may need to increase wages or transfer fee. Even if, just like in your example, a player is currently residing in England they may not qualify for a new work permit. If in the UK at the time Brexit occurs, they will be provided settled status for
  5. Hi @adammacleod, Would you mind posting in the specific forum? One of our specialised QA members will then be in touch to investigate https://community.sigames.com/forum/837-bugs-found-on-ios/ Thanks, Connor
  6. Hi guys, Firstly can I apologise for the delay in getting back to you. As I'm sure you can appreciate, it's a busy time of year for us! We're aware of this issue and actively working on it to get a fix out to you as soon as possible. In the meantime please take my apologies for the issue/extra workload. Thanks, Connor
  7. Hi @etmoney28 @Dorochai @Giggiux, We're aware of the issue and have a workaround. If you could all return to online mode, re-enter the store (you don't have to purchase anything) and this should log your IGE purchase for offline mode. Apologies for this occurring, we are working on ensuring an actual fix is implemented ASAP. Thanks, Connor
  8. Hi @StevehFC, Sorry to hear you are having issues. Can I ask what Os you are running on? Mac Catalina, Windows 10 etc. Also, just so I can get an idea of what your current flow is, would the following statement be correct; You launch FM21 in online mode in Steam, IGE is present. However, once you disconnect from your online connection, the IGE is no longer active and is greyed out. Have I got anything wrong there? Thanks, Connor
  9. Hi @Rasyid28, Sorry to hear that. Would you mind sending us your save so we can investigate? Details on how to do so are on the link below. Thanks, Connor
  10. Hi Matt, Sorry to hear you were having issues with one of our previous titles. We do have a free demo version of the game available to you to try and that way you can ensure there are no game-breaking issues affecting your particular machine and Os. If you search for Football Manager 2020 Demo in Steam, it should be available for you to download Thanks, Connor
  11. Hi @Kavan Crich, Would you mind letting us know what operating system you are on? Thanks Connor
  12. Hi all, Yes this a new feature *kind of*. Partnerships were created in FMT19 and could be visible on player profile screens, but we did not have the UI on the match tactic screen. So this year...we do Hope you all think it's a good addition! Cheers Connor
  13. Hi @lorenzomnfrd, Thanks for the feedback. I'll pass your thoughts on to the relevant people to have a look at and decide if changes needed to be made Thanks Connor
  14. Hi @charliebigpot, Thanks for the info. We are already ware of this crash and it is under review with our development team Thanks Connor
  15. Hi @eencae, Sorry for the late reply. I gather you are in discussion regarding this issue in another thread over at transfers and contracts? Correct me if I'm wrong Thanks Connor
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