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  1. eqqismar


    i'm confused about something, red areas in the positional heat map indicate a weakness in my tactics? I'm still managing to win games, despite the fact that i have red areas upfront...what is the meaning of red areas?
  2. Fast players + counterattack are my favorites at this point. I’m managing a middle table team in Holland, and every time I want to play attacking - possession based football with top teams, I fail most of the time. Let’s face it, if you are managing blackpool and try to play beautiful football against arsenal/chelsea, you’ll be lucky to get a draw. Now, I defend deep, put 3 men upfront with lots of pace and acceleration (run with ball and run from deep often) and I get the job done.
  3. I believe that the progress of a player in training is mainly influenced by his match performances and ratings. For example, managing Steaua in Romanian league, I had a Colombian ST, with 18 determination rated as realist. In one season he scored 40 goals in all competitions and had an overall rating of 7.70. He progressed extremely well and at a fast/constant pace. On the other hand, at Newcastle (with better training facilities) I have a young French ST, 20 determination, rated as perfectionist. With the same training schedule, and with an average rating of 6.70, in half a season he didn’t progress at all, maybe an increase in one or 2 attributes. So I would say that individual performances on the field + morale are the main factors to boost training productivity. just my 2 cents
  4. Use OIs; close down and man mark their fullbacks with your wingers. Man mark their CMs or DMs, close down their wingers, AMs. In tight matches don’t attack the opposition from the beginning, play a standard or control approach and try to use the counterattack. Also, if you must download a tactic, be aware that your team won’t be able to play that way from the first match (check the match preparation levels).
  5. eqqismar

    MACD tactic

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  6. eqqismar

    MACD tactic

    Let me give you an example. EuroSupercup against Manchester United. Solid team, an organized 4-4-2, likes to counterattack, according to my scouts. Their fullbacks are Evra and Cassani. Plus vidic and evans as central defenders. So, I’ve identified Cassani as their weakest player, and Evra the second. I had Buonanotte on the right side (with superior pace and acceleration than evra), and a Nigerian regen to handle Cassani. Logically, I’ve chosen to attack on the wings, and I’ve put Buonanotte to man mark Evra, the left inside forward to man mark Cassani, and my AMC (fernandinho from shaktar) to man mark Fletcher, their box to box midfielder So, here is a comparison between my left winger and Manchester’s weak player Uploaded with ImageShack.us Before the match, the usual OIs: closing down evra and cassani, plus their midfield (RM,LM,CM, CM) and tight marking casssani, evra and their CMs (Fletcher and Carrick) Final result: Uploaded with ImageShack.us My left winger scored the first goal, Cassani had a tough game, was unable to handle the speed of my player and was sent off. The second goal came after a shot of the same player on the left side, Evans scoring and own goal. Let’s observe Manchester's average positions: Uploaded with ImageShack.us Look at the space between Cassani and Vidic, Cassani being dragged out his position. No surprise that we scored 2 goals from Cassani’s area.
  7. eqqismar

    MACD tactic

    It should work, as I don’t remember the hotfix to affect the match engine.
  8. eqqismar

    MACD tactic

    Just a quick update, after having a great success in Romanian league, I’ve tested this tactic in a lower league. I went for AS Cannes in French National. No signings, just the original squad. Uploaded with ImageShack.us In order to compensate the lack of quality players, I’ve concentrated on match preparation. I used high workload and alternated every week between attacking movement and defensive positioning.
  9. After reading some excellent football concepts in “creativity & flair” and” how to create space” threads , and after a pause of 3 months from FM, I couldn’t wait to create a new system in FM 11, after 3 years of playing a 442 system. Ok, this I my first tactic I ever post, so let’s see if I can explain my concepts. MACD tactic Uploaded with ImageShack.us MACD stands for movement, acceleration, control, dynamism. My idea of successful football is an athletic team, with good acceleration, pace and stamina in every department, combined with technique and flair and a balanced approach, which could cause problems to any team. I want my team to control the matches, and at the same time to be lethal on counterattacks, and exploit any space found in the opponent’s area. I’m not interested in possession, I don’t want a playmaker or a target men, I want the danger to come from everywhere. I came up with a 4231 and tested with Steaua Bucharest. As a rule of thumb, every player on the pitch must have acceleration and pace > 15, and decent work rate, teamwork and anticipation. The inside forwards and attacking midfielder must have also good dribbling, flair, finishing and passing. (Preferably acceleration and pace >16) + free role and move into channels The striker is set as a poacher: speed and acceleration, plus finishing, composure, anticipation and positioning are required. CDs and DMs must have good marking, tackling, positioning and anticipation So, just to repeat this, you must have athletic players, capable of physically dominating the opponent. I had a good run in Romanian League, an undefeated season, but I have a world class squad compared to the rest of the teams. Basically I’ve dominated the league just by the simple fact my team is very fast, and very hard to be marked, due to the movement of the players. Uploaded with ImageShack.us The real test was in Champions league and Europe league. In CL we ranked 3rd, in a very tight group with Bayern, Fiorentina and West ham. In Europe league we managed to reach the final after eliminating teams like Red Star, Fenerbache and Inter in the semi-finals (lost 1-0 away, and won 3-0 at home, all goals scored in the last 10-15min on the counterattack). I lost the final to Lyon, after creating 6 CC and conceding a 30 yarder from a full back. Uploaded with ImageShack.us OI’s: RB+LB+CMs(DMs) – man mark, closing down often. AMs, RMs, LMs, LWs, RWs – closing down often. Hard tackling for strikers So, I man mark the opponent’s midfield ( the 2 CMs/DMs, or the DM and 2CM if the AI plays a 451), I also man mark their fullbacks (in order not to allow them any space, and to regain possession), and I close down every player on the pitch except for CDs and strikers. No in game shouts Normal pitch Corners: Far post Note: I always study my opponent. You must identify the weak players and to try to bring the ball into their areas. I believe that with the right players, decent match preparation and good team talks, this tactic might work. LINK: http://www.filefront.com/17505871/MACD-ADX-Steaua-Aug-2012.tac