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  1. Glad I'm not the only person that does this haha I can never play as myself! I have to invent a character
  2. Rather than just being able to select Professional (National), Sunday League, International etc.. I think it would be great if you could really go into detail on your manager and say the clubs they played for or the roles they had before.. For example, Played for Watford 2003-2007 Played for QPR 2007-2009 Played for Portsmouth 2009-2012 Coach QPR 2013-2014 Coach West Ham 2014-2018 AND THEN be able to take over.
  3. The title should explain it but we are seeing a big trend in the game of Head Coaches rather than Managers.. Maybe this should be integrated so then it becomes a challenge to finally be given the power of a manager or take a job elsewhere with more control!
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