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  1. I didn't use autosave option... So what is gone is gone, I got it. Thank you for your answer.
  2. Hi everyone, I saved the game yesterday and exited the game in a right way. Today I open the game and load the save, it was opened. First we made the UEL second round draws and proceeded a few days. Suddenly, the game shut down and there is only a Steam message saying "update error while FM is working" or something like that. Then, we reopened the game and tried to load the game. Although the details about the game was seen in the preview section, the game shut down again while loading the save. This time, there was no message for crash dumps or the other errors. Whenever we try to load the game, we face the same story over and over again. We tried to restore the back-ups, but interestingly there was no back-ups. A few days ago, we couldn't load another save and we fixed the problem by restoring the back-ups (there were many back-up options.) Please help me.
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