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  1. I have apparently made a promise to one of my star players to "Strenghten the defense". So i signed a world class defender to the club but the promise is still listed as "unfulfilled" (I play in swedish so i'm translating in case you are wondering). Do i need to do something else or is this just a bug?
  2. Sooo...i just created an account to get some stuff off my chest. I love the game and has been playing since the Championship manager days in 97/98. It's extremely addicting so this are just some random complaints i want to add to the record. I thing that has been bugging me for years are whenever i substitute someone that has scored two goals i always get the same annoying question at the post game press conference. "Why did you subtitute that guy when he was close t scoring a hat-trick?" (I play in swedish so this is just my translation) Has this ever happend i real life? Is hat
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