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  1. I have apparently made a promise to one of my star players to "Strenghten the defense". So i signed a world class defender to the club but the promise is still listed as "unfulfilled" (I play in swedish so i'm translating in case you are wondering). Do i need to do something else or is this just a bug?
  2. Sooo...i just created an account to get some stuff off my chest. I love the game and has been playing since the Championship manager days in 97/98. It's extremely addicting so this are just some random complaints i want to add to the record. I thing that has been bugging me for years are whenever i substitute someone that has scored two goals i always get the same annoying question at the post game press conference. "Why did you subtitute that guy when he was close t scoring a hat-trick?" (I play in swedish so this is just my translation) Has this ever happend i real life? Is hat-tricks really that mind-blowing that substituting a tired/injured player to possible give my team a better change at winning the frikkin game that it should even be brought up?! This stupid question has been in the game for years. Just take it out. Then there ar things that could probably be considered as bugs but still has to do with the press. I got a player suspended after he got himself a red card in the last game. So naturally he isn't picked for the squad(Since he is suspended). Still i get stupid questions from the press about why he isn't picked and complaints from the player for not being picked!!! WTF? Last thing. I broke the record for most goals scored during a season. But at the press conference i get this question: "You are one of the worst teams in the league at scoring goals, why is that?" At this point i just want to strangle the ****ing reporter :P So i just wanted to get that off my chest. Are there any more stupid comments like these?
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