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  1. Thanks a lot I'll take a look around like I say a bit limited really as it's gone just before both kids birthday and booking a holiday so going to have to be over 6 months I think!
  2. Okay cheers mate I'll look through. I thought SaveOnLaptops did finance over 6 months but think I must have got mixed up with laptops direct so probably thinking HP is way forward. Probook is the best reasonable price option right?
  3. Hi guys, Looking for some kind assistance! My Samsung 300e5a laptop unfortunately died about 5 weeks ago. Always performed nice enough for me so took in for repair, long story short an estimated £80 repair spiralled to a £200 motherboard job which lasted 5 days over the 30 days warranty. Different repair guy says not worth repair again. I think from memory I paid about £450 for machine and it was about 2.4ghz i5 processor about 4 years ago. Finding the prices don't seem to have changed much bizarrely and some even seem lower 2.2ghz etc? I've looked about a bit and this https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/m/p/1841718 seems like a nice little machine? My only concern; never particularly heard of Cube. Use laptop solely for FM running about 10 leagues like 5 star rating. Do watch 3d ME but always found the integrated card acceptable. Can I find something similar for a little cheaper or do I even need this much?
  4. Sorry for lazyness not reading all posts, and cannot see in fixes list, I often get caught in processing. Game is almost active in background to point I can save etc but no way of returning from the processing screen?
  5. Looks lovely, any chance of adding the player positions to the tactics screen?
  6. Anybody any good with this kind of thing help out? I didn't have the first file location above, and the second I found but the only file in the skins folder was 'config' some kind of HTML file. I also, for some strange reason this year and last have two Sports Interactive folders in My Documents, for some reason the game seems split across these and the Steam folder. I have tried to take the 'panels' folder from last years yet still the positions aren't appearing on tactics screen for me. Thanks kindly for help
  7. Would some kind person please sort this out
  8. Happy so far, product seems much better at this stage than in previous years, fantastic. Finding navigation a little hard at the minute, sure I'll pick this up after a while. And tactics screen has gone backwards for me, but I guess a skin will be out in no time.
  9. Not sure if you have read the new edition of CCC yet but this can be downloaded at www.clearcutchance.com and has an excellent article on transitions by Jimbob and this shows his interpretation on the tactics used by Real. He mentions same as you, counter strategy isn't ideal for their style of play because it slows the play too much.
  10. Looks decent, much improved for me at the moment. I am a little disappointed that player tactical instructions still haven't been made clearer, for example what instructions are default selection under whichever role is picked instead of just the ones you can't have being blacked out.
  11. How did it perform against big teams? Be interested to see average position in more games.. can see just against Roda the space their wide players had, would worry about top players finding it.
  12. I fancy Stromgodset in Norway. Read an article on six Ghanains owned by City with three of them on loan there.Currently top on goal difference with Rosenborg and Molde sitting behind. I'd say the other two are much stronger still but you are in contention and want an easier game to begin whilst get to grips with new tactics
  13. Thanks Jad, didn't have IBooks installed, all sorted and ready for a good read!!
  14. Don't seem to be able to download any on iPhone, any ideas how I can download this onto phone? Thanks
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