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  1. hey @knap , I'm looking to do a new career, hopefully build an entirely english/british squad and compete for honours. You've got so many tactics now, what's the best "career" tactic you have dya think? I wanna choose a shape, stick with it and build. Cheers
  2. I'm really struggling chaps. Potentially facing the first relegation of my FM career. I've started a Boro career with the aim of being full HGC. Promoted first year... second season has been a struggle, admittedly my team isn't top drawer. Please help save my season!
  3. To put both my posts in to one... I've been promoted from the championship with Middlesbrough, I am doing a HGC only save, gradually moving all none home grown players out. Ive been using a variant of 4321 and wouldn't mind continuing that shape, I hear Kashmir Vol 6 is the way to go? I am going to be by far the worst team in the league. I need help developing my players QUICKLY but I don't fully understand the training methods described, can someone please advise?
  4. Also, I don't get the training, anyone care to explain? It seems counter productive LOL
  5. Where are these? TEA FOR ONE WIDE DIAMOND 41212 P103 EC CC PREACHIN BLUES 41212 NARROW DIAMOND P107 EC FA Cheers Jay
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