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  1. Have you got player stats for end of season? You've got so many tactics @knap, which ones the best/most effective?
  2. The wide midfielders are key to the tactic! They get so many chances arriving late in to the box Glad some people are enjoying this tactic
  3. I was sick of seeing the same old tactics with the same old things, its all set pieces from what I see, I've just tried to recreate something I love watching! Hopefully it works out for you.
  4. I had a quick half season test with Blackburn, Armstrong wouldn't stop scoring!! Mulgrew is a great Libero too, technical attributes are insane! Good luck!
  5. Firstly, I apologise for the layout of the post, unsure how to put pictures in specific places!
  6. Good afternoon all, This is my first crack at uploading a tactic so please be gentle , this tactic has took me the best part of 5 seasons to get how I want it. I wanted the team to want to get the ball down and play, with as many people in the opposition half as possible available for short passes, it makes it a lot easier to carve teams open in my opinion, it also helps with the relentless press if more people are high up the pitch. The tactic does have set piece exploits set up although they only contribute a small portion of the goals, the RPM takes both corners and the LM takes left side throws, RM takes the right side. In terms of specific PI's, I recommend adding shoot less to the RPM and the BWM as they tend to get a lot of room and end up shooting from all sorts of distances, I use De Bruyne as the RPM so have left this for now. SK - The usual, has to be able to distribute well but also the usual... goalkeeping. CD - Ideally right foot on right side and left on left, have to be great defenders, with some passing ability ideally 12+ L - Good defender, even better midfielder, needs to be able to bring the ball out comfortably, passing and composure 15+ WM - Right side = right foot and left side = left foot. These guys provide all width, have to be great crosser, good finishing helps too as they steal in at the back post quite regularly for tap-ins. BWM - Sits slightly deeper than the midfield, usually picking the ball up off the Libero, passing/vision/composure/tackling essential. RPM - Think... KDB AM - I pondered a few roles for this position, settled on old school! AM's will provide lots of goals and assists, think Dele Alli. AF - Finishing, composure, off the ball, anticipation. This guy will get you a LOT of goals. Tests done Real Betis - 2nd in first season, won everything after that for 3 seasons. Man City - left Betis, took City job, won everything first season there except Carabao as played u23's. Thank you for reading, I hope this works for you as it has done for me, if it doesn't well I appreciate the feedback. Mr Green. 3-4-2-1 - Custom Tiki-Taka.fmf
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