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  1. Thinks xyz is right that the head coach should [be] doing something about the club underachieving. or Thinks xyz is right that the head coach should do something about the club underachieving. Not really sure if its right becuase Im not a native english speaker, but it sounds weird to me.
  2. I tried different graphics settings but it was still crashing. I deinstalled all Nvidia driver again and only run on integrated intel graphics and it worked but looked really bad. Then I installed the March 27 Nvidia driver and it works perfectly now. Thanks for the help guys, special thanks to Jiwar.
  3. I just did it before I wrote the previous comment. I removed both and restarted because of it many times before reinstalling both drivers. Yes, I removed everything from my computer that was published by Nvidia. Also, I play on High Graphics settings on 1080p with 125%Zoom.
  4. Hi. I only use windows defender without any other secruity program. I reinstalled my graphics driver and I don't use any custom things, only the basegame. Please find the DxDiag attached. DxDiag.txt
  5. Since the update I get the 18.3.4f1093856(update) error. I already tried reinstalling the game and also updated my graphics driver, but the error still occurs. How can I fix it?
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