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  1. I tried different graphics settings but it was still crashing. I deinstalled all Nvidia driver again and only run on integrated intel graphics and it worked but looked really bad. Then I installed the March 27 Nvidia driver and it works perfectly now. Thanks for the help guys, special thanks to Jiwar.
  2. I just did it before I wrote the previous comment. I removed both and restarted because of it many times before reinstalling both drivers. Yes, I removed everything from my computer that was published by Nvidia. Also, I play on High Graphics settings on 1080p with 125%Zoom.
  3. Hi. I only use windows defender without any other secruity program. I reinstalled my graphics driver and I don't use any custom things, only the basegame. Please find the DxDiag attached. DxDiag.txt
  4. Since the update I get the 18.3.4f1093856(update) error. I already tried reinstalling the game and also updated my graphics driver, but the error still occurs. How can I fix it?
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