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  1. Spent 150 hours trying to learn this game but failed. I understand every ascept of the game besides tactics. Not a single tactic work no matter what I do (plug&play tactics , simple 4-4-2 without TI-s , literally nothing) Players playing in preferred positions, playing against weaker teams still losing to 2-0, 3-1. I am not gonna force myself through those armies of guides and manuals given the little time i have for gaming, I guess this game was made for a more hardcore audience instead of casual pleb like myself. (not gonna try out the touch version, my problem isn't with the complexity, but with the unclear tactics&match system that forces you to go on an online coaching course to have a chance at playing the game) Hopefully future games in the series will change on this (maybe the game could gave you advice on what player roles work together etc.)
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