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  1. No, still same problem. I can play on windowed screen and its normal, but game crashed twice in span of three hours when i used it.
  2. Ok now it went weird. I changed the game to windowed mode, colours were normal. Changed it back to normal mode, the game was still with normal colours, BUT now my computer have that same issue what was only in game previously, so all the colours are mixed up. And that taskbar thing i said earlier, goes now another way around. So when it pops up colours go odd. Hope you can help me with this. Aand restarting computer returned it back, so computer colors are normal now.
  3. I couldnt even find cache or preferences folders, have already cleared cache in game couple of times before. Edit: I unistalled and deleted all game files and installed it again, problem remains.
  4. Colours are mixed up, specially red and blue. For example SI and sega logos are red and in starting screen football manager logo is blue. Re-installing did not help. But if i press windows flag and the taskbar appears, colors change to normal, and change back to mixed up when taskbar goes hidden.
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