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  1. I'm trying to increase my scouting range but without any success. I'm currently handling a low reputation club in Croatia - Inter Zapresic ... I make a lot of request for the board but of course, our financial profile can afford enough money for this. When I start my team was among the favourites for relegation after the first year we manage to avoid it and found our place in the middle of the table, in the second league we qualify for the League Europe, anyway, this all was achieved with only four transfers. I was hoping that the board is going to help me but they didn't. So I started wondering if doing something wrong or it's just the unfair game with a low reputation clubs
  2. So I'm playing FM in a while and get a bit confused about the tactics... Do you guys use to switch your starting tactic on a weekly basis or you play with one(successful) tactic every week? I asking about this because I realize that no matter how good my tactic is and how many wins it achieved me, after a few rounds it is not working good enough. My explanation is that the opposite manager has made his homework preparing for the match and I should change something to surprise him.
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