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  1. Finally it workes out! I switched by using the integrated driver instead of the nvidia which is normally selected as default. The question remains: How can this happen suddenly? The sad thing about this is that the game is now pretty slow, almost not workable. This is mostlikely because of the use of the other graphic card
  2. Thanks for your comments. I tried all of the above mentoined options + reinstalled FM2018 once again, unfortunately with no luck. There is no extra antivirus scan on the computer so it cannot interfer. Are there any other options? PS: sorry for the late response but I was enjoying a week of holiday.
  3. Just to be more precise I tried the following already: Delete cache Delete preferences Verify files Update GPU drivers (Intel Graphics 530) Uninstall/reinstall FM 2018 Uninstall/reinstall Steam Try to run in Windowed mode Windows 10 is up to date Reboot of the machine several times Please find attached one of the latest crash dump files. Hopefully someone has a solution on this, because it is frustrating me a lot that I cannot continue my game. FM 2018 v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.08.12 15.11.16).dmp
  4. I am playing FM2018 almost a year now without any issues. All of a sudden when I tried to boot FM2018 it crashed immediately after I see the loading screen of FM2018. I already tried several things like clearing preferences/caches. I tried most of the steps mentoined on this blog: https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2018/136_technical-support/142_pc/i%E2%80%99ve-encountered-a-crash-dump-on-launching-the-game-r433/ Does any one else has this problem and has any idea to solve this? DxDiag.txt
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