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  1. Just got sacked by Sunderland. What a refreshing experience. It seems quite uncommon to be sacked in Football Manager. There are numerous examples of dominating the footballing world with clubs like Sheffield FC or Woking. Am I the only one besides @looping who has gotten the sack?
  2. he must certainly be a great character since Morata and co praised him in public. Never seen that before. Who gonna replace Florentino, is it someone from the conveyor belt?
  3. When inheriting a useless squad, playing Generic Football is usually the best bet.
  4. thank you all for the insightful replies. Yes I'm trying to play possession football still. And I'm still a firm believer that a lone striker without a AMC man behind him should be on support. He would be looking for CM-A yes, also the both wide players since Winger gets into the box when played at AM Strata. If Sir Alex or Wenger had started their managerial careers in the turbulent times of Modern Football, they wouldnt have lasted that long. Just look at Darren Moore at West Bromwich for example. Quite similar situation than where I am at the moment. First season after relegation, 4th place in the standings, sacked after a draw. Already made some shrewd signings, also some Croatian mafioso's took over the club, cant wait for the summer transfer window to open. I agree that patience is the key, hope the new board feel the same way.. Yes that Rashidi stuff is wonderful. I am a keen admirer or Pep Guardiola, in my opinion his Barcelona side is the greatest ever team I've ever seen play Football. However, I don't really get the inverted wingback thing. Maybe I'm too old fashioned but I want my fullbacks to stay near the touchline and provide some width.
  5. Thank you for the feedback. Somethings still missing if we are leaking goals like a sieve, night in night out. 5 goals in one match is unacceptable, in real life they would have sacked me already. With a massive club like Sunderland, I am expecting to at least try to win every single match.
  6. As the late great Nelson Mandela said. I never lose, I win or learn. In this case it is more like I never win, I lose or learn. Been managing Sunderland, because of the fantastic Sunderland til I die series. And the football has been atrocious. Just got decapitated by Reading of all teams. Final result 5-1, PKM should be attached. Got some inspiration from this thread https://community.sigames.com/topic/367318-tactical-development-at-aston-villa/ Maybe I should be playing 4231 instead since every other team seems to play it - the 2 DMC men could mitigate the opposition threat. Or then again, maybe not.. And as the great Cleon himself said, don't concentrate on the opposition. How to keep it simple ? Pkm.pkm
  7. somehow missed the entire Page 2. better late than never though. Maxi Gomez as complete you can possibly be.
  8. as Zlatanera says, the players are really important for this kind of system. Who are you starting these days besides Zivkovic and Zabaleta ? I'm especially interested about the Complete Forward Attack role, is it Arnautovic still ?
  9. I hope next step is Ö-zil to the Barcelona! on the side note, what kind of players did you use with the B Team in the Structured Control system. been using it with semi good success at Cambridge United.
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