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  1. Seems like I (almost) found the magic formula when it comes to Possession Football. Went 37 straight matches unbeaten in the first season with Portuguese Second Division side Gil Vicente -- only to fail embarrassingly at the final hurdle. However, it was a spectacular season and a great platform to build on. Our football was heavily inspired by Özil to the Arsenal's Benfica: The Tactic Nothing mind blowing there. The midfield trio is blatantly copied from Özil -- I also tried CM-A but MEZ-S worked better in combination with IF-S and WB-A. Control was the obvious pi
  2. Hats off to Tiago Dantas, truly one of the all-time greats. Difficult to decide which play was more beautiful - the interception leading to the first goal or the through pass to Leão in the second one.
  3. What a beautiful 3-1-6 shape and always a pleasure to see Red ******** getting destroyed. On the other hand, how is Leão only Light-Hearted and his First Touch 14? According to the player attributes, it seems like Lisboa - what a name for a Benfica player - is the main man these days.
  4. Pirlo clearly has been browsing some material by Özil to the Arsenal.
  5. Don't adjust to opposition. Let the opposition adjust to you. That's what the arguably greatest ever Football Manager, Cleon, used to do.
  6. Could the classic Very Fluid 433 work with this set of players? Seeing that Leão can play MC position as well. Also nice detail that Leão and Elvis are these days known as Leão and Elvis instead of their full names. Just like in real life
  7. Had a regen named Remi Gaillard in Fm18, too bad he couldnt kick the ball like this.
  8. One of the best saves I had in Football Manager was with SPAL but that was Fm2007. Managed to take them from Serie C2 to Serie B. SPAL seem like a typical Italian squad consisting of deadwood and second-rate journeymen. In the long run, that is not sustainable. I suggest you build a whole new identity to the club and adjust accordingly.
  9. Just got sacked by Sunderland. What a refreshing experience. It seems quite uncommon to be sacked in Football Manager. There are numerous examples of dominating the footballing world with clubs like Sheffield FC or Woking. Am I the only one besides @looping who has gotten the sack?
  10. he must certainly be a great character since Morata and co praised him in public. Never seen that before. Who gonna replace Florentino, is it someone from the conveyor belt?
  11. When inheriting a useless squad, playing Generic Football is usually the best bet.
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