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  1. final post on this. I left the team as manager and applied for jobs. Got an interview from LA Galaxy which seemed out of reach for my rep even though I did have 2 Trophy's and a cup. Sim to the next day and the game crashed. I'm deleting the save.
  2. Just tried to go to home and use the editor to move to other club. Any club I pick its says can't move to inactive club tried all the leagues in England, MSL and Mexico yes I have them all loaded. but to no avail, Beta save is definately broken .
  3. I started my beta in wales (RHYL) first season went to the premier league, the next season won the premier league and welsh cup, i can't a get job anywhere. Funny thing is my home country USA and for some reason the premier league will always give me interviews and then tell me that i didn't make the cut becuase of better applicants but then I go to the vanamara league or any other league and the say they wont qualify me because they've never heard of me. I have the top license and won 3 trophy's and one cup. I think there is a bug there and I'm gonna have to restart and leave my beta save... I should have knew better.
  4. At faster speed a game takes me 35 mins. Unfortunately I'm disabled so I can play this way. I feel I see the whole game I can see patterns now I can tell where I need to make changes. Nothing that I did in 2019 is working in 2020 but I think thats partially the team I have now compared to what I did have in a team I built for 8 (in game) years. To me there is no other way to play this game if you have the patience and time but I understand most don't. I am impressed by the match engine this year... If they get the tweaks right I really think this will be the best ME yet. As for the rest of it, there truly is nothing I would have updated for, but since I see the update to the ME improving I'm content, they just gotta get the kinks in the game worked out. So far the development center to me is underwhelming and is at most times an after thought. I liked it better when I could just click on my team or B_team or under 21's or under 18's. Now its just a bunch of clicks to see something thats not useful to you... yet... Maybe the future will prove me wrong.
  5. I watch every game but I watch it in faster speed not normal speed. Even friendly's I have to watch the games. I am 8 years in on my Plymouth save on 2019. Now I'm in the 2020 beta. The normal speed seems like there in slow motion, even worse then slow motion. You have to speed the game up to just under faster to even make it seem the players are realistically playing... But then that really isn't realistic because the time is speed up but the players are at a normal pace... Kinda weird really. But Im the same I can only play in watching full matches. I doubt I would even play this game if you couldn't do so. I have over 4000 hours in 2019. I have nothing against anyone who likes to play in 2D, to each there own.
  6. There is definite lag on my system which is a good rig. I watch all matches in 3d TV mode (on faster) setting. and I can see the hesitation. I'm hoping this is something they know about and will be fixed with the main release.
  7. I could not agree more. If this is some kind of in game Twitter upgrade many will not be impressed. Twitter on its own is a crap show. Why have it anymore then we do already in a soccer game while not fixing the things we've been asking for over and over again. This alone literally stopped my preorder and unless I hear anything news about considerable updates I may just stay with 2019. Still happy with my 12 season campaign. Its not worth the purchase if they ask us what we want and then do something like this. Yes I'm getting ahead of myself and I'm still holding out for the better but that video this morning was just plain depressing.
  8. At the end of the Video it says (EVERYONE's GOT AN OPINION) (DO SOMETHING WITH YOURS) (CREATE THE FUTURE) can anyone explain what exactly this means?
  9. Had my preorder all typed in ready to hit enter and I stopped. Something just didn't feel right. Think I'm gonna just hold out, I actually thought this mornings little video was a joke and dumb. I am actually really worried where not gonna get what we were hoping for at all. I'm still hoping, but this year Im not throwing my money for 2 weeks of beta. I can wait.
  10. i complained to the press once that the refs must have got money from the other team... I got fined.
  11. i was born in 1965 and playing PONG at 5 this isn't a pissing contest I was exaggerating on purpose. So instead of arguing with you Im done with the post Ive seen twice as much gaming in my time to know when something is in trouble. Especially when people wait for the price comedown to even buy the game now and then wish they hadn't because of the let down. This game is in trouble. The players know it at least some, I know it and the SI knows it and if they don't then its really in trouble cause if you get a few more just patched versions it's gonna be done. Its My Prediction that I truly would hate to see. Im done responding to this and I really hope SI take note, Better yet I'm praying they already have long ago and that's what the wait is for.
  12. You can't be serious right? Because if you are then I doubt you play in 3d as do others. When your seeing one thing and something else is what really happened. When you see graphics and animations glitch or just happen because the right animation isn't in there anyways. Its no where like what real soccer is like. And its outdated and it looks like its from 1990. If Fifa or Pes ever really did a Manager mode close to the depth of this game this game would be finished. I watch every game on faster speed even my friendly's. And after a while you notice other things to that you would not notice if you watch 2D and switch to 3D for highlights. Ive got almost 4000 hours in it and over ten straight seasons of watching every match. When you do that you realize the game is very unrealistic, you realize the engine is way outdated and and when you see it not being being fixed year after year and you see other games heading in the Manager mode way you realize that this game doesn't have a lot of time left and that's truly something I don't want to see happen.
  13. yea um you asked, I really had thought you could have figured it out yourself but was giving you the benefit of the doubt
  14. The FM engine it needs fixing and upgrading. And yes I know that the career mode has hardly been changed but from whats being said there really hoping this year that there have made bigger progress towards this. I doubt it will ever be as indept as FM but who knows.
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