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  1. i complained to the press once that the refs must have got money from the other team... I got fined.
  2. i was born in 1965 and playing PONG at 5 this isn't a pissing contest I was exaggerating on purpose. So instead of arguing with you Im done with the post Ive seen twice as much gaming in my time to know when something is in trouble. Especially when people wait for the price comedown to even buy the game now and then wish they hadn't because of the let down. This game is in trouble. The players know it at least some, I know it and the SI knows it and if they don't then its really in trouble cause if you get a few more just patched versions it's gonna be done. Its My Prediction that I truly would hate to see. Im done responding to this and I really hope SI take note, Better yet I'm praying they already have long ago and that's what the wait is for.
  3. You can't be serious right? Because if you are then I doubt you play in 3d as do others. When your seeing one thing and something else is what really happened. When you see graphics and animations glitch or just happen because the right animation isn't in there anyways. Its no where like what real soccer is like. And its outdated and it looks like its from 1990. If Fifa or Pes ever really did a Manager mode close to the depth of this game this game would be finished. I watch every game on faster speed even my friendly's. And after a while you notice other things to that you would not notice if you watch 2D and switch to 3D for highlights. Ive got almost 4000 hours in it and over ten straight seasons of watching every match. When you do that you realize the game is very unrealistic, you realize the engine is way outdated and and when you see it not being being fixed year after year and you see other games heading in the Manager mode way you realize that this game doesn't have a lot of time left and that's truly something I don't want to see happen.
  4. yea um you asked, I really had thought you could have figured it out yourself but was giving you the benefit of the doubt
  5. The FM engine it needs fixing and upgrading. And yes I know that the career mode has hardly been changed but from whats being said there really hoping this year that there have made bigger progress towards this. I doubt it will ever be as indept as FM but who knows.
  6. Fifa has come out with a manager mode. Not sure how big this is for FM players like us, But I have to say I will be defiminately checking it out for that reason. I said this a few months ago the big guys were coming after this game and want the people who play this to switch over and this years Fifa is the first sign of them really taken a turn towards that. And if and once they get it they'll ruin it like everything else. I'm still gonna check it out as I'm sure others will but will give SI one more year to see if the improvements are there... The engine needs fixing.
  7. Sorry missed your post above. But I'm not talking about changing this game and as a chairman I would put someone else in charge and still manage that team or higher a manager and then go manage some where else or stay where I made my name. It was just a suggestion anyways. Something for the managers to be able to do with there earnings also earnings need to be fixed.
  8. Manager renegotiation for developing INT players also would be nice, especially for managers who have long careers, just seems so much you can do.. Like Winning not just more trophies but winning different league trophies and countries. And there definitely needs to be better negotiations between the board and Manager. I most only stay at some teams just because of the work Ive done. But in the end the money reward is not there or the recognition. Like they don't care that youve brought there team from 6 leagues down to win the premier cup. imho.
  9. Over here in the states players buy teams in Baseball football basketball and hockey. I just thought it would be a cool addition give you incentive to make money and maybe a VNN or VNS or some low level team comes up for sale as we see when there are take overs. Say you've got the money saved up you could buy the team hire the personal to run the club and manage it or higher a manager or what ever.. Was just a suggestion that I liked.
  10. 1} Let us import our manager and save from the previous version even if it means missing out on the new data base, give us the choice.. As for me I watch every game at fast speed in 3D mode {I cant play any other way) so it takes a good 2 to 3 weeks a season. This is just how I love to play. I get a sense of how the players play and I just like it better. So when I start a manager its usually at the lowest age I can unemployed and the lowest skills. So its definitely something I would want to continue over into the new game. This is huge for me. 2) Better communication between the manager and Board. Also better contract negotiating. 3) A way to purchase a club if you have saved up enough money to do so, also being able to manage that club or another while owning the club still while hiring a manager to run your club if you want. 4) Anything please anything to invest in the 3D aspect of the game. If this was my game This would be a top priority. Becuase I think PES is heading in this direction, being able to manage your team like we do in FM but with much better graphics. Its a guess and instinct I have and maybe Im wrong. Maybe not next season but I feel it coming and I believe in looking ahead on how I would improve so I can stay on top in the product I have. This month marks my 1 year point of playing this game and I love it. In my old age and being disabled it has giving me an enjoyment of doing something that I love to do everyday so I look foward to everyday. Thanks for a great game and I hope you stay on top.
  11. I had this problem once with a lower league team. But I just simmed to the next day and they had signed a manager that day so I wonder if it has to do with that they have a manager already to go and have stopped taken advents or something like that... Just a guess.
  12. I watch ever game {3d} at the faster speed option. Just seems to give me a better way of understand how the players are playing. I also use 2 monitors, sometimes 3. It would be awesome if we could slide them windows onto the other screen so we can have the whole view of the game on one screen with out them facing in and out and being able to see more of everything during the game. I use to fly planes in Microsoft Flight Simulator and the game let you do it, just had to be in window mode, which I use anyways in FM.. I'm wondering if this could be a future option?
  13. My own fault for being misled into the time I spent doing them because I thought there was no choice becuase I am fairly new to the game. I posted this in wanting to make this game better and to enhance my own and maybe others experiences because I care about something and love playing this game. And now you come along and post this after all the quality posts that have been pretty much constructively posted. I'm gonna be the bigger person and walk away and call it that you misunderstand or maybe you are just trolling since you felt you cared enough to take the time to criticize me for making a post because I was basically new to the game and asking why? , nonetheless no matter the case it is uncalled for and pretty much petty of you. Mods you can lock this thread if it can''t be constructive, why bother. I'd rather see it deleted then others getting disrespected from someone who really just doesn't care.
  14. Yup I'm figuring that our now after 6 months of playing. And I admit I'm enjoying the experience more now then I was. I think at the start of taking over any team some effort should be put into the players talks especially if you want to keep them. NOW if they would update the graphics engine we would really be on to something. Also I still say rework the talks, make them solvable, valuable and worthwhile and the experience would be better for the (Customers).
  15. mack4ever- Basically I found mack is correct. I've played the first 7 games of the season. I'm 7-0-0. I've done very limited talks. When the weekly emails coming in for trainings I praise and critize the players shown and thats it I don't bother with the lower teams anymore accept for the top 3 training players that are reported to me in emails.. My under 18's are in 5th place at 3-0-2 all morale is at quite good and above and quite good is the middle of the spectrum, most are at the top of the spectrum with excellent exceptional and superb. Same for the first team. Unless the drag on new contract talk (I think SI just put that in because so many kept asking for new contracts and this was an easy way to deal with it instead of really fixing it.. Band-aid) and there satisfied I don't offer any talks accept for the training talks to the 3 top training players and anyone who isn't training up to par I criticize. Everyone on the main squad is Perfect or exceptional... I do my quick talks before and after games which takes no time at all. Now since all my players think I'm great maybe this wouldn't be so if I just took over the team and got it in the shape there in. But as far as I can see doing less of the talks so far this season as been ever better then before.. So my question now really is why? Why have something in the game that means minimal and is a waste of time that many go through because they think they have to, wasting hours of there time when it means nothing or at the very least very little... This whole thing needs to be redone and reworked. I'll keep updating if anything changes but the team is running better now then it has for the first 3 seasons when I first took over the team. I now have Boston Town heading to the VNN next season if this goes on, all the way from the regional leagues.
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