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  1. I changed it to medium last night and was able to play for around 2 hours before it crashed again. I have previously uninstalled and reinstalled my graphics card drivers and encountered the same issue. it appears, from reading other threads, that this may be the same issue relating to the latest update to the graphics card. although it was running just fine, even after the update until last weekend.
  2. well, I guess that was short lived....I got the same error message again and then it just closes the game down
  3. so it was crashing at random points, even on the main menu however, I have been playing for the last hour or so and it hasn't crashed yet. fingers crossed it seems to be okay for now. thanks for getting back to me though.
  4. hi all the game is continuously crashing with the message "Football Manager 2018 18.3.4f1093856 has stopped working. I have read through various threads with similar issues and followed the advice given before. however this has not helped at all. i have attached my DxDiag file. please advise how to fix this issue. thanks Ross DxDiag.txt
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