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  1. I can play for like 2-3 hours before crash by changing my graphics to very low. However I can't see any people at the stands and at some point thought they were punished for a whole season lol. So I hope you guys before offer the fm 19 make sure its compatible with your costumers graphics cards. I run a Nvidia 1060 and have issues imagine if I was on my older version graphics card. About the drivers I have on the latest update. So that's it for me. BTW I really appreciate your attempt to assist
  2. Scott I did mess with Nvidia a bit and got through the first game no crash so far but I'm not sure if I did what you said. Can you please give more detail? Thanks!
  3. I have them on low it doesn't help. Some times I can play a few games before crash some other times it crashes as soon as I hit play or at the halftime. It sounds like a video card problem but should not because I think that I run a very good video card an NVidia 1060 GTX 6GB and 16GB ram memory. Yesterday I was able to play for an hour or so today its impossible to get through my first game crashes at half time. PS It happens during games. I'm able to spend hours while I do transfers or look for coaches, training tactics and so on with no problems.
  4. First thing I did was to update my VC drivers. I have added an amateur league if that is what you mean but was crashing before that. Also I have deleted the preferences based on the direction of the site changed my VC 3D in to fast and also have completed some other of the directions listed here. Some times when I delete cache in game lets e play a little longer. But not sure if it happens bc of this. Thanks for the fast response I really appreciate that.
  5. Btw it just disappears from the screen with no error message shown.
  6. Game crashes mostly during teams games after that I need to restart pc because of heavy lag. I tried for over a month suggestions post here or the web in general with no luck. attached my Dxdiag. Please help its getting unplayable. Thanks DxDiag.txt
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