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  1. I didn't, no. I decided to reinstall Windows 10 over the weekend to see whether that'd alleviate the issue. The good news is that FM now runs - including alongside McAfee - but only if I run an old (March 2018) GPU driver. I updated to the August driver and it went back to hanging on the FM logo. I'm not fully up-to-date on Windows updates but will install them in batches and keep checking the game.
  2. I'm really sorry for the delay in replying - I've not had access to my laptop for a couple of days. I've tried uninstalling McAfee and it didn't make any difference. I've also tried removing my work email account from my PC. Adding it required acceptance of certain security conditions, but this also hasn't resolved the issue.
  3. McAfee. It's never been a problem before, but I guess new conflicts can arise with updates... Of course. Attached DxDiag.txt
  4. My copy of FM2018 (and Cities: Skylines, which I also run through Steam) is not loading correctly. For FM, the window opens and the logo screen displays, but nothing else happens and the program has to be terminated via Task Manager. I've tried the following: Delete cache Delete preferences Verify files Update GPU drivers Uninstall/reinstall FM 2018 Uninstall/reinstall GPU drivers Uninstall/reinstall DirectX Uninstall/reinstall Steam client Windows 10 is fully up to date and I've checked that I don't have any of the programs that are known to conflict with Steam/FM.
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