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  1. It's very weird and specific problem and i couldn't find a solution for it. I played Football Manager 2018 for 465 hours in the same computer. Like a week ago, i started the game from my desktop and it didn't opened. Then, Steam crashed. There are no error message, no crash dumps, anything. It just freezes for a while, then Steam quits itself. I tried to reinstall it, reinstall the Steam but it didn't work. I thought that it is a problem in Steam but when i contact with the Steam Support, they said that i should contact with sigames. And there are no errors or freezes when i play other games in Steam, just Football Manager 2018. I love Football Manager series and i played them in Steam since 2014. I really want to play it but i can't, can anyone please help me? (Things i tried for solving it: Updating everything, reinstalling steam, reinstalling the game, reinstalling the game to a hdd)
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