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  1. Great tactic Fuss. Working wonders on my save. I almost gave up on my save until I came across this tactic. I'm managing Chelsea and it works great for my team. BTW i like that you didn't use get stuck in. Pretty much most of the tactics in fm19 use it and it's driving me nuts with the huge number of cards that it carries. Can I request you to make a 4231 version with an AMC? I'd love to use Fekir whom i just bought in his natural role. Thanks and cheers..
  2. Haven't had much time lately. By the looks of it, it seems already implemented in vertical tiki taka. I'll check it out later.
  3. tries long range passes, dictates tempos, killer balls, switch ball to other flanks.. taught him and arthur these PPMs
  4. Your players are not bad, Maybe your team needs to gel more. I use attacking in team trainings. Try giving the tactic more time, it may take a while to get used to the tactic. But I definitely believe it will start working in the latter half of the season or the next season. Like I said, it is not an over achiever tactic and needs some good players. Give it some time, you'll see the results.
  5. PPM is quite important in fm18. it basically overrides any instructions so if you want a ball playing defender i suggest train him with the desired ppms. And also the formation must also accommodate the PPM
  6. Just normal Leicester. I really don't know what to do. Maybe it's their direct counter attacking style. I personally feel it makes it more realistic.
  7. Congrats mate. I'm glad it worked well for you. In other versions, the dlp was more effective for me as it was useful in defense but I chose the regista as it was the main ingredient of the sarriball. Nonetheless it is nice to hear. Keep it up.
  8. Welcome. The joy of every manager is when your team plays the way you want them to. So good luck and i hope you find your optimal tactic. Do keep us informed, we'd like to hear your story.
  9. I've already uninstalled fm17 and with my daily schedule I may not be able to help you right now. But if i have time in the weekend I may try it out. But I can't guarantee it.
  10. Recommend PPMs: For attackers: One twos, killer balls, beats offside trap. For midfield: killer balls, long range passes, switch ball to other flank, one twos Regista: all above(midfield) with dictate tempo
  11. This is purely the result of trial and error. Earlier i made it standard and control with flexible/fluid. But the thing is that the movement of the players was pretty unrealistic and static especially when the other team has possession. We always try to implement high pressing, defending in the opponents half (most of the popular tactics I've tried) but with the previous settings, they don't cover the open positions/zones left by the teammate that closes down the opponent. It had me furious at many games with something so obvious yet the ai(of our team) decides not to move. So i went all out and just tried an attacking tactic with that was fluid with roam from positions to cover any empty spaces and hope for a total-football esque game. At that point I didn't even care if it worked because i was already frustrated at the ME. But it turned out pretty well as it unshackled my players to move and cover for the others. I also made them dribble less as i wanted a more tiki taka in the mix. I know a lot of people say that these instructions are not necessary as the roles of some attacking players have them, but after a lot of trial and error i found it actually worked for me in this tactic with this formation and these roles. Even the poacher, which in other formations usually is a selfish player, in this tactic worked really well. He is quite the creator for the winger and inside forward. The regista is regista, we all know. Not the main creator in my tactic. But the dictator as in the current Chelsea. He is responsible for the movement of the ball in the midfield. I chose mez because i want the player to move vertically when the inside forward is cutting inside so that there is an open space in the wing. For the other central midfielder i chose a box to box player as i find his movements realistic and fitting with my formation and also due to the fact that it really clicked well. With these roles and instructions, the pressing of my players is now realistic and pretty effective. I specifically did not want to use sitter roles with defend instructions as it makes the player hugely immobile thus not helping in possession nor pressing. The main source of key passes are the midfield duo and the wingers. These four players send crosses and key passes all over. I highly recommend that you don't tweak the tactic. Make it fluid and let it run its course, you'll be entertained. Short passing is to retain possession and also Sarriball. 😂 Btw, i feel that PIs make it less interesting so i don't use them. (but you can't let fabregas run with the ball and lose possession, so in this type of situation i may add less dribbling in personalized PI). No OI as i want it to be plug and play.
  12. Here are two goals that we have scored in the Champions league semi final first leg.
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