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  1. I don't think they do, I'll have to try. The whole idea is that you want those heads stuck in the middle of the field, and you don't care too much about wings. Carrieros might go too wide. Mezzalla moves more forward, less sideways, same AP. But I'll try it out.
  2. It all started since I wanted to play Sampdoria, but I wanted to do it closer to the way they play in reality. They pretty much play a straight-forward 41212, without any crazy things going on. First few seasons I really struggled to get anything going on. I was fooling around with instructions, with players, some things were working fine, others were not. In the end, I've decided to go all-in, and that's what you can see below. The tactic is a 41212 (or 442 Diamond Narrow), but with Overload mentality and Very Fluid shape. The way it works on the field is pretty simpl
  3. Don't get me started... I'm playing Sampdoria, I've managed to get out of CL groups each year, and most of the times beat first knock-off, but get beaten in quarterfinals. Last season, I was during the group stage, my world class defender wants to join PSG because he wants to win CL. He gets utterly upset. Comes the quarterfinal, Sampdoria vs PSG. We win the first round, home, 4-2. My CD still upset. We get beaten in the next round as he gives away a penalty and gets a red card too. It's really weird, he's upset as he wants to win CL, but he eliminates his team from competition. In a real-l
  4. In my save, they won Premier League in 2023 and 2024, Champions Cup in 2023, Super Cup in the same year, they're pretty much unbeatable now. Their head coach is Diego Simeone.
  5. The thing with "unbeaten" tactics is that they work only with excellent players. I'm sure that the tactic becomes "unwinnable" if you use it for a team like Crystal Palace with their FM18 startup. With good players, pretty much anything goes, because they will play accordingly to the tactic. And FM is a bit restrictive in this area, it's pretty hard to set up a "bad" tactic if you have good players. It can be done, but it's hard to make it by mistake. It's easy to "break" the game engine when you go at the extreme. The problems appear when your players are of average quality or
  6. Because is not an easy answer. There are some things that you'll see. - Many mistakes in passing, ball ending at opponents too often - adjusting to a short passing or reducing the pace will probably fix that; - Good possession, good passing, opponents make mistakes, but your team moves too slow up ahead - a more offensive mentality, maybe more direct passing; - Getting outrun and outnumbered in defense - deeper defense line and individual marking and closing down for the opponent strikers or wingers; - Bad possession, opponents are moving the ball around without your team engaging
  7. The thing is to watch the games and adapt your tactic for each game. I pretty much watch the first 15 minutes of all the games on full, I adapt the tactic then I go ahead and play the game on key highlights. Of course, there's no way that I'm gonna win all the games, because there are teams that are simply better. But things don't feel random anymore. I win the matches that I should win, and I manage to turn a bad result into a good one by doing that. I took a break in FM games, played FM13 last. And the difference between that one and this one is mainly that, at tactics. They work (or f
  8. As far as I've found, 442 can be a tricky tactic to play, as you need some individual players that are good on their roles in order for it to work as it should. It's the standard tactic, but against others, it's not generally powerful. - One of the midfielders needs to be great at getting the ball from the opponent. He needs good acceleration, pace, tacking, he needs to roam around the middle of the field and grab the ball. He will be the core of your team. If you don't have him, there's not much point in playing 442. - The other center midfielder should be a great passer and act as a
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