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  1. Any update on the status of these rules being implemented? @Freddie Sands I saw you replied that it was logged, I'm just curious if it has been fixed yet.
  2. Any response to this by SI will be something along the lines of "Pics or it didn't happen". You can't expect them to fix a potential issue without having a screenshot of the moment it appeared on screen that the player was offside and that it was an own goal. Furthermore i expect them to need the match file, so they can watch the match again and see what exactly happened. Without any proof your issue is just a needle in a hay stack.
  3. He has in fact played 2 matches for Aruba before he played a match for Holland. He has only played 1 match for Holland as of this moment, last tuesday against Belgium. I think they were both friendlies for Aruba, which makes him still eligible for Holland, but i agree it looks weird. source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denzel_Dumfries
  4. The only thing i'm really interested in doing with your own money that you earn in game is pay for coaching courses when the club can't afford it. Let's say you're in LLM and you want a new coaching badge, but the club is currently struggling to get by, however you have some cash saved up in your career so far, so couldn't you pay for the course yourself?
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