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  1. This must have been something in a recent update, because I remember the option for future transfers was there when I downloaded the editor and now it's blank for me too.
  2. @Glenn Wakeford Sorry for not replying sooner. I didn't see a notification that you asked for this and it's already a month ago, but I don't think I have a save file from before the first leg.
  3. Summary: Press conference question doesn't make sense Description of Issue: I'm managing Ajax and we finished third in the champions cup group, so we went on to the Euro Cup. We got to the quarter final where we face FC Sevilla, won the first leg at home with 2-0 and then had a home match against FC Emmen in the Eredivisie between that first leg match and the second leg. The Emmen match finished in a 3-1 victory and saw us winning the eredivisie title. At the post-match press conference a question was asked that said this: I answered i wasn't prepared to answer it because it confused me, how can i be eliminated before the second leg has even been played? for context, this is a screenshot of this month's fixtures: Steps to Reproduce: I'll upload two save files to the cloud, one from before the Emmen match and one from after the match, so you can find out what possibly caused this to occur. It doesn't really harm my game experience much, but it's a little annoying and confusing to see the game declaring your defeat before it even happened. Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: Hope this information helps. Also great game by the way, love it to bits already, can't wait to really get stuck into a long term save starting tomorrow.
  4. I'd like to second this experience when i had the same thing on my Ajax save, where they said a loss could see me drop out of continental places while being more than 10 points clear in first place. Also sort of related had a press conference question about me being eliminated from the Euro Cup despite a 2-0 win in the first leg over Sevilla, but the second leg has not even been played yet.
  5. Just in case SI read this, I have something to ponder for them that is related. What if there is an option to select somewhere to let your own contract run out, basically the equivalent of "set for release" but on your own contract? Alternatively i agree it's much more realistic that the board either stop you from going on holiday before contract negotiations have happened (let's face it, you won't go on holiday without your boss knowing, and if your contract is running at it's end they will want to negotiate a new contract or sack you) or that your PA will interrupt your holiday shortly for important messages like contract negotiations. On another thread i read someone thought it was unrealistic you can't just run down your contract and you have to resign, because otherwise you'll be on a week-to-week contract. Is the week-to-week contract also in place to prevent players from accidentally being out of a job when they haven't paid full attention to their contract situation? If so, couldn't you just come back from holiday to a week-to-week contract instead of a fulltime 3 year deal on the same wages you were on before? All in all if we're simulating real life events here, we should have a realistic portrayal of contracts. Fact is you would not renew your contract without signing for it, at least not in football. So either call me back from holiday or interrupt my selection of "go on holiday" with a message like "your contract is about to expire during this holiday, would you like to negotiate a new contract first?" and then you could choose. Just some food for thought.
  6. This already exists in the Natural Fitness attribute, if i'm not mistaken. If a player has a high natural fitness their physical attributes will decline slower and at a later age, if they have low natural fitness they start declining younger and faster. Correct me if i'm wrong.
  7. The only thing i'm really interested in doing with your own money that you earn in game is pay for coaching courses when the club can't afford it. Let's say you're in LLM and you want a new coaching badge, but the club is currently struggling to get by, however you have some cash saved up in your career so far, so couldn't you pay for the course yourself?
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