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  1. When we going to put the official update 19.3.4, not in the public beta ??? Thank You...
  2. it seems the public beta version 19.3.4 it works... Thank You...
  3. After the update 19.3.2 still same, don't work.... Not dump file, screen frozen My Dxdiag : I'm not going to put in launcher options "render3d" because with the update 19.3.0 I've played the normal way, I refuse !!!.... Solve this, right now !!!! DxDiag.txt
  4. Yes, It's works...but if you put on launcher options : --user_data_location="H:\FOOTBALL_MANAGER\FOOTBALL_MANAGER_2019\SETTINGS, that is where i put the skins, faces, kits, etc, its back again the screen frozen and doesn't continues...
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