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  1. Trustworthy? http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/sport/football/clubs/manchesterunited/article3759033.ece
  2. One thing I am noticing is that this tactic tends to have some issues v. the long farrow'd 442. Example: Winning by 2 at half, AI switches to long farrow'd 442. I am using v2.1 or v2.2. They score. They tie. Maybe I hold on or they win. Kimz or anyone else have any suggestions on how to deal with this?
  3. i have the same problem arghhhh hate em </div></BLOCKQUOTE> I think they are the hardest "out" in this game, but I have had pretty good success lately. My way has been moving the tempo up 4 clicks to the right (quicker). I think part of the reason this has been working is that they tend to play a high CD game. So, picking up the pace stops some of their steals, particularly by their wingers.
  4. Excuse the double post please. Let me ask this a different way. And, please, everyone answer, not just Kimz!!! Assume you are starting a new team or starting a new season. You are using a version of this tactic. (I am using 2.1 atm.) If you could upgrade three positions only, which ones would you upgrade, what traits would you look for? Here are my thoughts: 1. DC - marking, tackling, pace, jumping, WR, TW, acceleration, decisions 2. AMC/c - flair, passing, creativity 3. FB - pace, marking, tackling, WR, decisions Secondary - passing, creativity Your turn
  5. Seems to me that this tactic is really about the players. If you get the right ones to play in the right spots, it is probably going to shine. So, what are the most important ones and what attributes should they have? IMO the most important ones are (not necessarily in this order) AMCs - should all have good long shots, AMC/c should have good flair/passing DCs - maybe most important players, marking, pace K - should be obvious to everyone at this point Fullbacks - marking, pace least important: DMCs - they are basically decoys, if anything you want them to be good defensively (anyone disagree?) ST - as long as they are pretty good, any type will work (of course, a really great one will make this tactic explode) What does everyone else think?
  6. If you are using v1 on the road, try increasing your tempo 2 or 3 notches. Also, consider lowering your width slightly. You might also play the ball to feet to hold more possession. Good luck!
  7. do we need this instructions? </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Generally, yes. But some managers have been experimenting with not using any v. weak opponents.
  8. Agreed, but I had started to feel that using all of that OI v. a vastly inferior team actually bottled up my offense. So, I am going to try it out. Will still probably hard tackle any player with Bravery 10 or lower, tho. Can't resist!
  9. Dave Byrd: Nice! Just to be clear, you didn't use OI at all against teams you were clearly superior to? Can you clarify that a little more? Who did you actualy use OI v.? Did you notice a big difference in games v. weaker teams w/o OI? Etc. etc. etc. Any further info would be great. Been thinking about this lately. Some thoughts: For anyone (including fools posting w/o explanations) that think this tactic is stupid, try it. It is not at all. It is also not a cheat. You will not automatically win. You need the right players and you need to know the limitations of your current players. Lack of collective defensive speed will make this tac a struggle unless you adjust. For example, the only way I have been able to use this with Hartlepool after they reached the CH is to CA, lower width and CD to about 9 and play V2.1 very conservatively. And, that is just to stay up. I am 16th after 25 games. Still have not found the right fit and need more players. But I must say that watching the ME actually is the first time I have seen this game make Manchester United look like...United. Ronaldo playing in an AMC slot (retrain him) with high creative freedom is often all over the field and has regularly made end to end runs for fantastic goals. Evra is right up with the offense. Rooney is the poacher you would expect. Vids and Rio control the game with interceptions. I use v1 with United almost always for 2 full seasons but after winning Prem and LC and runner up in CPL and FA will probably switch this year to v2.1. My tweaks were simple, I raised CF to 15 for all three AMCs, and gave the center AMC (Anderson) and ST (Rooney) free role. Significantly opened up the game. If opp park the bus, I lower tempo, crank up CD and widen. If I am away v. a stronger team, the only change is to raise tempo 3 notches or so. Sometimes, to keep more possession, I play ball to Rooney's feet and set keeper distrib to defender collect. Also, I sacrifice some goals b/c once I have a good lead in second half I usually change tactics. Up 3 at half, change right there. Up 2, I change around 70th.
  10. Well, I knew it would happen. Playing MUFC. Won the League for second straight year. Won LC. Then lost in finals in FA to Arsenal and CPL to Real Madrid. Both games we had many, many more chances. Both games we had leads. Both games their keeper is the MOM. Getting sick of that.
  11. Tactic continues to impress. Lots of fun using it and tweaking it. One thing I am noticing that is annoying: About half the time, the opposing keeper is the man of the match. I wonder if anyone else is seeing that and if they have found a way of countering it. I always outshoot the opponent, usually by a very wide margin. The wonder keepers are keeping some games much closer than they should be.
  12. Love the V1 tactic. Lots of fun. One big issue I have not resolved: I always outshoot my opponent, not enough shots on target and their keeper is regularly the MOM. Thoughts?
  13. Love the tactic. Working very well overall. Two things that are incredibly frustrating: 1. Possession. In certain games, I just cannot get a handle on it. Any thoughts? 2. Shots/Shots on Target v. Goals - Anyone else notice that you always outshoot your opponent, always more shots on, too? Yet, in some games you could scream at the amount of great chances that go begging. I really think it is the AI evening things out. Very annoying.
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