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  1. I know how you feel because the same happened to me three months ago. Are you playing the latest patch? If not playing the 13.3.3 it can make a difference.

    I haven´t play the game much because I started a business and moved to another house but after playing the game for so many years it can be very frustrating not to get consistent results. I achieved some success by promoting AFC Wimbledon to the Championship but after taking the vacancy at Blackburn I was sacked after poor run of results in the following season. I gave it a go to Regina in Italy but soon after I quit the save.

    But three months without playing FM is way to loooooong and so here I am again. I´m starting a new save with the latest patch (13.3.3) and things are ok. In that absent I tried to learn a little more about the game (FM and football). Cleon has some great threads that can help you. The last one "The Chalkboard Diaries" can be useful and I finally got time to read Jonathan Wilson´s Inverting The Pyramid. Above all I think that you should keep it simple and only use shouts when needed. I used to have a group of shouts before kick off but not any more. I think that at the same time can be very useful but can also ruin your tactic.

    I personally don´t play the 4231 formation since the CM series because very few teams have the right player for it. You need two very good all around MC´s and Liverpool clearly don´t have it. In that game particulary against Norwich you probably lost most of the challenges in the air. Lucas and Allen aren´t the best headers in the world and Tetteh itself should be enough to deal with them. Another thing you can try is to give Glen Johnson and Stuart Downing an attack duty and have Lucas (or other suitable player) to cover the right side of the midfield. I probably gave Lucas the ball winning role defend. Perhaps you should be more agressive. Have you tried switching to a control strategy against lower reputation opponents? Don´t be afraid to try something new if your current strategy isn´t working.

    Above all, my advice to you is never give up the game. Walk away for some days to refresh your ideas but give it a go. Cheers!

  2. I think this kind of criticism and other constructive feedback from the community are important to SI. Like many other here, I spent hours playing the FM series and I can´t imagine my life without FM but this year´s version is below expectations. I can´t even rate it! For me the guys at SI have all the credit in the world but I think that something needs to be changed in FM 2014 specially the amount of updates. By sending 3/4 updates non related to transfers I think that most of us won´t buy the game when it´s released. Maybe we are just going to wait and see how consistent the game is.

    In matter of game hours played, it´s a negative record: 200. I can´t remember a year where I spent so few time on this game. That is indicative of how annoyed I am with FM 2013.

  3. From this thread, which is worth reading throughout if you want to learn how to break slumps and extend streaks.

    79% win record with Arsenal

    This is far more relevant than team talks and press conferences. With this kind of win record, you are going to ramp up the pressure and expectations on your team during the streaks you achieve. While early on in a streak you'll see some great results and performances as confidence builds (i.e. the team plays above itself), as the streak extends the pressure of keeping it going will result in some nervous performances (i.e. the team plays below itself), especially against teams you should be beating. If you have a less than professional squad, complacency will also become an issue.

    Pre-game press conferences and team talks can greaten or lessen this, but not to a huge margin, as the pressure has built independently of the upcoming match. However, the half-time team talk can be vital in turning around a poor performance, as they relate to the match events alone. The players are now reacting to what is going on in the match, not the events leading up to the match, so are now far more reactive to a manager's motivational ability.

    Thanks for your help but I always pay attention to team talks and pre-match conferences since CPW´10. I don´t find this year approach any different from older FM versions and I seriously doubt that this can influence a poor run of results. It´s like you said there´s not a huge margin. It can help to calm down some players and warn against complacency, but these are things that I´m used to. What I can´t deal is goals agagainst between minutes 45 and 48 in every game that I´m winning at half time. If I´m winning by one I tend to loose the game in the final minutes. If winning by two the probability of the draw is high. It happens in a regular basis no matter what I do. I tested with different strategies and half time teamtalks but in most cases it was worthless. I feel like this was predicted.

    I usually don´t give up that easily in FM matters but this year I think I´ll make an exception. I don´t think the game is bad but if I can´t win (note: not at all cost) where´s the fun of it? The SI team more than deserve everything they achieve but I simply don´t have the strength to "combat" this. I never felt the game was time consuming but now I do. After searching through threads and websites, I think that I covered many aspects of the game. So, I´m through with FM 2013. Sorry!

  4. I feel for you and you're not the only one. I manage Real Madrid and following our straight wins was red cards and at least a long term injury in almost every match. I'm tired of logging complaints in this forum because other fan boys will tell me because of people like us just complaining and not giving constructive feedback. Then they accuse us for not reporting the bugs in the bugs forum and the stories are turned into their judgement about the paying customers' attitude for the game not the damaged game itself. The game is flawed in virtually every aspects: team talk, mind games, contract, transfer, and the famous "totally revamped" match engine. The 13.2.3 does not make any difference for me. I truly felt I wasted $50 on this game this year.

    I don´t think that is a complete waste of money simply because the game was a Christmas gift. But I know the feeling. However, unlike you I always play LLM and perhaps that´s why I´m even more frustrated with the game this year. My believe is that if you can manage in the lower leagues with limited resources who can easily deal with things at a big club. At least you have money to buy the best players and generally having the best players in the league can hide potential problems in your system/tactic.

  5. And the funny thing is that FM13 improved IMMENSELY on every aspect outside the ME...I seriously dread starting a match in FM13 right now, but going back to FM12 also feels a little hollow when you don't have the new training focuses, the DoF and the many other handy features that got introduced...

    I don´t find the new training system that good but sure is an improvement. I´m going to miss that, but overall I think that I´ll have more fun in 2012.

  6. Probably i´m not the first (and neither the last I suppose) to moan about how hard is to be successful in FM 2013 but for me it´s the first time that I really complain. I´ve been around the forum since 2008 or so and never used other people´s tactics. Whenever i didn´t understand some issue in the game I search for information that allow me to evolve and have a better understanding of the game itself. In fact I always achieve some success in previous versions but above all I always enjoy playing FM. This year version changed it completely. As usual I have read some threads specially Cleon´s and Rashidi´s and at some point I managed to bring glory to Wimbledon bringing them to the Championship in three years.

    The season in the Championship was ok but I felt that I needed a new challenge so I apply for the job vacancy at Blackburn Rovers. I guide them to a comfortable 9th place (their were near relegation zone when I took over) and started the foundations for a team capable of battling for promotion next season. I couldn´t be more wrong. I only manage to stay at the club until early november and was sacked for the time since a can remember after a very porr run of form with 6 or 7 defeats in a row. After that I was keen to start a new save but them I received a proposal from Serie B team Reggina. That was a good way to improve my knowlodge in another league and also to prove myself that I can achieve good things in FM 2013.

    However i must say that I am very close to quit playing the game this year and probably for the next years. Probably I´m over reacting but right now nothing seems to work. I have a good team for this league and had a good run of results in 17 games in charge with 10 wins, 4 draws and 3 defeats (2 away with title contenders Bologna and a narrow 2-3 to Juve Stabia and one to rivals Crotone 0-1 after missing a penalty and a goal disalowed). But suddenly everything changed. The next five games equals to 5 defeats with 11 goals against and only scored 2. I really can´t understand what´s wrong. I rven watched the games in full mode, replay them, change strategy (not tactic) but the result was the same: defeat. I think that 17 games are a good indicator that the system is working well so I can´t accept this perfomances. So what is theproblem?

    I am really frustrated with this and can´t seem to find a solution. Help is appreciated, thank you.


  7. Assuming that you are playing in a standard pitch size I can´t see why you shouldn´t play a possession game, you have one of the best midfield in the league (passing 2nd, creativity 4th, tackling 3rd, technique 4th, stamina 5th). The problem is in your passing style. If you want to control the game, you need to play a short passing game. Try to use the shouts retain possession and pass to feet and see if the % improves. I personally untick the target man but if you want to stick to it, better supply him in the air because you are the 1st in heading and jumping attributes.

    You may try to play on the counter against bigger teams. Sometimes you can have more possession % sitting deep. I usually have the same shouts and just change the strategy. By using these shouts (hassle opp, play to feet, work ball into box, retain possession, soft tackling, exploit the middle, play wider) I rarely have less than 55% but it´s always a matter of trial and error. You can always test this in your friendly matches.


  8. I see no wrong in this formation but I would change style and roles. But this is just a personal preference. Perhaps have a more balanced structure, employ a ball playing defender (Luiz)/blocker (Terry) combo; have Lampard as a deep lying playmaker and Mata as a advanced playmaker or trequartista; Torres as a deep lying forward or complete forward. There are many ways where you can get the best of the players. I agree with Cleon. You must play some games in order to have a better knowledge of your team and the game. The tactic only isn´t enough because you can use the shouts and they can change your style of play. If you like a play a possession game, retain the ball, pass to feet and work ball into box can do the trick. But if you want to attack you probably need more pace and have the ball forward, pass into space, push higher up can do this for you.

  9. Don´t give up mate! I was in the same situation as you back in the FM 2011 but I like the game too much in order to give up. It took me a lot of effort and time consumption but now I can say it was worth it. Below are some good threads where you can begin with. The game this year is lot more difficult but I don´t think there much of a difference in the match engine. The key is to get a good group of shouts and take the ball from the opp. Analyse your team strenghts and weaknesses and try to employ a strategy that fits your squad. Even without stats and other info of your tactics I see no wrong in a 442 or 4231. i´ll probably use a ball winning mid on both tactics. In the 4231 a deep lying playmaker and a advanced playmaker. The rest it´s a matter of trial and error and see which role is the most adequate to your style. Below are some threads that might help you.






  10. Try to keep the ball as much as you can against those sides and press them high. By building up play at a slow tempo you can invite them to press your team and at the same time drag them out of position. By doing this you can try to win the ball quickly pressing high on the pitch. So my recomendation is to use the following shouts: retain possession; hassle opponents. I think you can still use a counter attack strategy with no problem but if you can´t do much damage try a different strategy. Maybe control. _Just think. As your reputation goes up during season, this kind of teams are more afraid to play against you. In other words they show more respect for your team and they take you as a potential threat. So, what they´ll do is play a more conservative game, drop deep, waste time. You just have to counter that.

  11. Unfortunately I haven´t played this much this year but I have completed my first season with AFC Wimbledon in League 1 and the results were good. I got promoted via playoffs mainly because I was unable to find the right group of shouts. Anyway my tactic was a 4231 with a double pivot so I think I can help you a bit.

    My advises are:

    - Keep your training high on teamwork or team cohesion after a poor run of results;

    - Don´t be so harsh on your players after some losses (unless they play really bad);

    - Have a team meeting after 2 or 3 losses in a row. However be aware that you shouldn´t do more than 3 team meeting a season;

    - Have individual talks for players below your average standards (ie: player with avg 6.20 in 5 games) or after a very poor game (anyone below 6.00);

    - If you play with a 4231 deep switch your wingers. Put Robben on the opposite flank with a inside fwd role (support). He could be more useful because he´s a left footer and can cute inside and do some damage. You can also give a winger role to the other guy (Asamoah?);

    - Give the AMC a deep lying playmaker role in order to keep him more involved. I prefer a support duty but that is a personal preference. Don´t forget to tick the box below in the team instructions screen.

    - A quick look into the team comparison stats tells me that your main weaknesses are pace and tackling but you have good technical team. Don´t bother with the stamina stat because there is no big difference. In attack you have good finishers with good off the ball movement and good anticipation.

    - You can employ a different group of shouts. As you lack pace and tackling don´t use get stuck in and pass into space. I recommend a possession game with a combination of these shouts: stay on feet, pass into feet, retain possession, play through defence. I´m not sure about hassle opponents because you lack pace. Whilst reduce space for the opposition it can also bring your players out of position. Try and see if it works for you;

    - Pitch dimensions: Exploit the middle/play wider in a narrow pitch; exploit the flanks/play narrower in a wide pitch. Drop deeper in a narrow pitch, push higher up in a long pitch (please refer to Cleon´s thread http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/334248-Understanding-Your-Tactic-The-Discussion);

    - As for your style , I think it´s better to maintain your team structure so go balanced. For your overall strategy, I prefer control but due to your bad run of results go for a more conservative approach. Balanced or counter should do the work. Then if results improve you can go more expansive.

    Hope it works for you.

  12. Would be interesting to know what shouts you use in game. If you go control, you can create a group of shouts to keep possession and at the same time hassle opponents as you have a team more of capable of doing that. So pass into feet, work ball into box, retain possession, hassle opponents, stay on feet should do the trick. But you must use the TC for them to take effect.

    My other advise is for you to look at pitch dimension and use the combo play narrower/exploit the flanks in a wide pitch and play wider/exploit the middle in a narrow pitch.

  13. Go control with a balanced philosophy. If you play in a narrow pitch go narrower, exploit the flanks and hassle opponents. Also press opp wingbacks (or tight mark them with your wingers) and always press the DMC to prevent him of hitting direct passes to the strikers. My advise is to keep the ball as much you can so you can employ retain possession, pass to feet, work ball into box, play though defence. If they have fast strikers drop deep so they don´t get behind your defence.

  14. From my experience from FM 2013 and previous versions of the game my advice is:

    - Improve morale with staff meetings after a poor run of form/results (2 or 3 losses or 3 games without a win);

    - Never be to harsh on your players in the after match team talks away from home unless they play really bad. Sometimes they need to feel some confidence from you.

    - Individual talks to players that perform below 6.0 or with a poor run of form (3 to 4 matches);

    - General training high in team cohesion or match training high in teamwork (just until the team get back on track);

    - You don´t give any feedback both on your strategy and philosophy but i suggest a more conservative approach specially in away games. Consider altering your philosophy to a more rigid or balanced approach in order to hold team shape. In terms of strategy i suggest counter attack away and standard/control at home.

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