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  1. ABOUT THE DIFFICULTY LEVELS: As I said in a previous comment, the difficulty levels should depend greatly on the quality of the managers you're facing. 1. You should find it very, very hard to beat the likes of Pep, Klopp, Allegri, Zidane etc. Meeting a random guy from Albania (no offense, just an example) should be quite easier. Example - Let's imagine that I (Milan) face Juventus with the same tactic and approach to the game 3 times in the same conditions. Against Juventus with manager Allegri, in 3 games I may get the following results: 0:0, 0:2, 1:2. Let's imagine their manager is his assistant (probably quite worse attributes) and I play the same 3 games in the same conditions as before - results may be something like 1:0, 2:2, 2:1. Because 1.) Allegri would obviously have more knowledge of my tactics and a better tactical approach than his ass man and 2.) his assman would be very unexperienced and wouldn't be able to counter my tactic as effectively, which would get him worse results. The example goes for league performance - Juventus with Allegri should be more likely to hit 90+ points and if a weaker manager takes them, things should get more difficult. Same goes for AI vs. AI. I've seen top managers get owned by some random anonimous dudes in AI vs. AI games for no obvious reason. This wins us the title way too easy, especially after 1-2 seasons. 2. With that said, top leagues will surely have better managers than smaller leagues, making them harder to master (replicating a somewhat "hard difficulty", just like IRL not everyone should be able to make it in a top league). Super tactics in that way may be able to work in smaller leagues but will most certainly be more easily countered in top leagues. There should be difference between managing in Iceland and Italy! 3. For a Football MANAGEMENT game, FM doesn't give enough attention to the other managers in the world - frankly said, the real reason of a team's success irl is the manager (endless list of examples). 4. To summarize - difficulty levels should be determined by the quality of the "brain" you're facing. A top league shouldn't be easy for ANYONE to master, no matter the conditions. Smaller leagues have shown there's quite frequent dominations by a single team (Croatia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Scotland etc.) because of the low quality of managers there. This should be the "Easy, Medium and Hard" difficulties of FM. Change my mind.
  2. I dream of the moment when FM success/failure will be dependant on how good are the AI managers you face. This HAS TO BE the game's real dificulty dependancy. After a few seasons in (sometimes even in first season) I find no difference in meeting Guardiola/Mourinho/Klopp (or any other big tactician) and meeting a weak-ass manager from Zanzibar. I don't even pay attention too much to managerial changes in my rival teams. Yes, they play their styles, but the real big managers in football WILL adapt if you are a dominant side and WILL find the flaws (there always are such) in your approach. It's not a smarter and harder AI in general that FM needs to become really interesting - it's smarter and harder to beat "superstar" AI managers. Only then will FM become realistic enough for everyone, and in the mean time, not too hard.
  3. They do, especially more aggressive players. Kessie in my save received many cards. I can't screenshot it now, but Milan received 120 yellows, whereas the second worst team had 103. Reds were not as much though - 9 for the whole season (one red card in every 6.44 games), which is bearable. We were not even the worst team in terms of reds in the league. My two lost games in the league for the season were due to red cards. Maybe if I managed those games (I remind that this is a Holiday save) I could've made the right changes and the right subs to deal with the situation. So it's not that big of a deal.
  4. I left the training to Match tactics + Balanced, throughout the entire test. I wonder what Knap has to say about training?
  5. ! NOTE ! - This is a holiday test. With a proper human management of the squad the tactic can and should perform better. I've chosen the "Use current team selection whenever possible" option in the holiday window, which means that the players chosen have played every possible game no matter the fatigue! Many of them were unhappy through the course of the season because they lacked first team football, which left the dressing room atmosphere at Average during most of the season. Again - with proper management this shouldn't be a problem. So 58 games overall, 48 wins, 7 draws, 3 losses and 142:40 goal difference. ALL CUPS WON! Knap, this has to be your masterpiece :'-) If anyone wants any other information, I'll gladly screenshot and show you guys.
  6. The left IF (Calhanoglu in my test) has the most assists, but he's not scoring too much. The right one (Suso) scores a lot and assists, but not as much as the left. The Striker (Higuain) also creates a lot of chances, the mezzala and BBM as well do create quite a few chances. Will upload screens tonight.
  7. Did a test at AC Milan (holiday) and it looked really promising. Will upload results in the evening when I come back from work. And just to mention two things for the test and the tactic: 1. Given the fact it's a holiday test, a human player should perform much better with the tactic and more squad management and 2. The one sole reason I decided to test the tactc (and maybe use it later) is it's not the 3-4-3 typical for this year's edition. The 3 strikers formations are unrealistic and feel like a cheat (especially when paired with a 3 man defense). This one is a real 3-4-3 and I love the way it uses IF's. Thanks for the tactic and I'll give you feedback at the end of the day.
  8. If I have classic wingers on Inside forwards in my team, where do you see them in the 4-1-2-3 formation to fit the best?
  9. Looks good. But let me get this straight - in the 4-3-1-2 the right striker is going to act like a winger? If so, can you please upload a mirror version?
  10. Any tips on how to tighten my defense? Tactic is working great but I find that since it became fluid I started conceding more goals than before. Also an Idea how to unlock an opponent's defense? Is a mentality change going to be enough? Thanks in advance, tactic is great nonetheless!
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